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The delight of an summer's evening walk #30DaysWild

Since the addition of certain furry creature to our family, our day have developed a new routine - 'the dog walk'.
 Let me introduce to you (the more eagle-eyed will have already noticed ... Jayne!) a rather large eared, wet nosed and long legged creature of the canine variety.
Meet Miss Moss (Moss to her friends) a rather scatty border collie. A super-intelligent and super-sensitive soul that just needs a firm hand to guide her and love and food to help ground her. We have only had her one week and the improvements has been hundred fold however we have a long way to go.

Lesson one
Cats are superior beings (well that's what they keep telling us!)
Lesson two
Settees are not for sitting on unless you are a cat (and if you are lucky - a human).

Lesson three
There will be three meals a day until you fatten up so there is no need to stash biscuits all around the back yard to forage later.

Lesson four
Hysterical barking will not be tolerated, a gentle squeak or whine will get our attention just a quickly.
Lesson five
Leads and collars = walks and fun days out and NOT being tied up.

Lesson six
Waving and patting and tickling behind ears = love and rewards and NOT being hit.

Lesson seven
Walks are for pleasure, sniffing is allowed and happily jumping in and out of water just for the hell of it is to be encouraged!
Lesson eight
Shutting of curtains is just that - shutting of curtains, it is not the sliding of barn doors and you are not being shut in a barn.
Lesson nine
When Himself blows his nose, it does not mean he is about to hit you - he is just blowing nose (granted it is a noisy blow).

Lesson ten
Restless circles around and around and around and around the table will not be tolerated - we'd much rather you came and sat down with us (this little foible soon stopped thank goodness, once we discovered that if we 'anchor' her with a command, a rawhide chew and a comfy bed - then she relaxes and so can we!)

Oh there are many more of these, like I say, she has issues, but she is switched on enough and we are aware that we have to make concessions, to guide and show her that by being calm and gentle, life can be rather good!

The rewards will certainly outweigh the issues - she is such a sweet mixed up dog and she learns fast!
However, we are all benefiting for her love of the evening walk - especially at the moment with the wonderful weather we are experiencing at the moment.
This evening was no exception - the misty hazy sunset was a gentle end to a lovely hot day :)


  1. Those ears!!
    A lovely sunset to finish the day too.
    Sorry for not joining in with photos...router/computer problems,still not 100% cured

  2. How lovely and I gather she is a rescue dog? I did notice her in the photos, but thought maybe she was your parent's dog or a friend's that you were minding. I know that she's in good hands now and wish you all the best with her rehabilitation. Take care.

  3. She is beautiful but the sad thing is that just reading your 'lessons' tells exactly what sort of life poor Moss has previously had, but now she has fallen with her proverbial 'bum in the butter' and will be loved by and in return, will love and be devoted to her new family.

  4. Eagle-eyed Jayne is teary-eyed Jayne . . .

    Welcome Miss Moss, what a beautiful young girl. More than a couple of the lessons she is learning have brought big lumps to my throat, but the joy that she is going to be safe with you for the rest of her life makes up for it.

    Her ears are magnificent (Daisy wants to know if her own largess in the auribus department influenced you!) How old is she, sounds like the poor lass has not had a good start on a farm somewhere?

  5. Dear Moss...I don't know you at all, and I don't know your new family...but I feel sure that you will be loved and well cared for...so rest easy little one...life is about to get a lot lot better for you! After all any family who encourages you to get wet for fun has got to be just a little bit insane and so be THE place to be...a word of warning though...cats rule...they will always have the last paw in any situation. x

  6. She is beautiful!!! I hope that you will all learn what you need to from each other and settle in very well, it looks as though you are having lots of fun together!

  7. I saw you with Moss one evening and wondered if she was yours or just a visitor Glad you have found each other I'm sure she will soon become a well trained lovely, loving part of your family. She's gorgeous

  8. Always thrilled to hear a rescue dog has found its forever home. I met two rescue beagles in London this week...one is very elderly and had spent her whole time in a puppy farm with no affection or natural light in Ireland. She'd never been outside and it was lovely to see her snoozing on her bed in the sunshine in the shop window. She's been with the shop owners for two years now. Arilx

  9. What a gorgeous girl. She has chosen her new home well. X

  10. I think she's going to be so pleased she picked your family and your home!

  11. She's beautiful and must be a very happy dog to have found your family. Your evening walks with your new friend must be bliss.
    Cathy x

  12. Wishing your new furry friend lots of happy times ahead

  13. I am sure in time Moss will realise how lucky she is to live with you and your family and not The Other Person. I too was captivated by her big ears! Looking forward to her making more appearances in your blog and even, like Pepper, writing the odd post.

  14. This is beautifully put, and it's so heartwarming to think that Moss has a happy home now. She looks absolutely adorable - and I know exactly what you mean about scatty, super-sensitive, super-intelligent and hyper-active collies (or in our case half-collie)! Bx


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