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#30DaysWild - Scavenger photo-hunt list

Na then my lovelies,
what an excellent selection of photos May provided!
There were some amazing tales to accompany your photos,
Thank you again for joining in
It delights me that you enjoy
taking pictures and sharing
your stories.
 June's selection has a theme,
it is all about appreciating the great outdoors.

So.... here goes:-
My own choice
I hope you are inspired by and enjoy 'hunting' out June's list.
I/we are participating in #30DaysWild and # MicroadventureChallenge
throughout June
(although I am a little late in starting!)

Last Monday had been a Bank Holiday and while I languished at work, my boys were at home planning a walk. Then, much to my delight I managed to wangle the afternoon off and with a spring in my step and a silly grin on my face I joined my three for a most enjoyable afternoon.

We spent four glorious hours engrossed by the fields of flowers, where we either rambled through paths or sat in sunny spots drinking tea. It was sublime and it left me with an amazing sense of well being.
Happy happy me :)

Now, just a quick recap - A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - June's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!
  1. Stone
  2. View
  3. Sky
  4. Trees
  5. Water
  6. Dwelling
  7. Garden
  8. Gate
  9. Leaf
  10. My own choice

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy, be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. We'll reconvene and post our words and photos from Thursday 30th June -  have fun!


  1. What a gorgeous bunch of photos. You are making me think I should do a photography course.(sigh). None around here I suspect. Have a "great" weekend and take care.

  2. Great news! Good list of words so will have to start today!

  3. I love those photos, the flowers are gorgeous
    I shall take the list on holiday with me

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. hurray a wonderful list, and so glad you got to enjoy your flowery walk x

  5. Sounds wonderful. A perfect escape. I think unplanned things turn out to be the best adventures. Loving the pics. Must try to join in the fun this month.

  6. Beautiful flowery photographs! Sadly I wasn't organised enough to participate in May's Scavenger Hunt, but will definitely make the effort for June. The categories are inspiring. Glad you found time for a walk - it does do you good, doesn't it?
    Cathy x

  7. We've just enjoyed a pootle up a nearby hill. Just sitting and drinking in the view. It replenishes the soul doesn't it? I've made a note of this months words and will hopefully be joining in again this time. X

  8. So glad you got to go on the walk with your boys, it was a gorgeous day :)
    Will try to do your scavenger hunt this month, it looks fun xx

  9. Definitely joining in again, love these lists! Thank you for hosting.


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