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Lambing time Cake-off-bake-off and #30DaysWild

After Saturday's lovely weather, Sunday was beautiful (first thing) and as we have a number of chores we had to do at home, it seemed silly not to head straight into the garden.

Tomato seedlings planted out, lambs lettuce and spinach seeds sown, radish harvested, then it was time to take Miss Moss out for a walk. Eldest and I collected a excited dog and her lead and as an afterthought, I took my coat.

On our way we passed a field full to bursting with buttercup, clover, fluffy dandelion seed-heads, plaintain and meadow grasses. The lane is sunken so the sward is just below eye height - perfect for taking an afternoon photograph.

I love that buttercup flowers have whiskery chins!
And, in the far and hazy distance, Pendle Hill.
As we turned for home, the skies filled with rain, I am so glad I took my coat!
On another note, once we'd walked the Moss-dog
(who went to work with me today to be speyed - poor thing, she feels very sorry for herself),
I came home to decorate a chocolate cake
that Eldest had kindly made for me.
At work we celebrate the 'End of Lambing Time' 
with a challenge to create a cake
with a lambing or sheep themed bake-off.
This was my offering :)
By the end of the day, all that was left was a couple of crumbs and the ewe's 'rump'
and it was generally agreed that Eldest's cake was rather scrummy!

Thanks kiddo - we make a great bake-off team!


  1. Glad you took your coat. I must look more closely at buttercups and other flowers so that I can see more detail. That looks like my chin(giggle). Don't tell anyone. Your little lamb is gorgeous, clever one, and eldest must be one good cook too. Take care.

  2. A wonderful looking cake; coming from your household I know it would have tasted great. I do find digital photos great because I suddenly see details that I did not see when I was taking the photo in the first place. It is always wise to take a coat where we live!

  3. WOW, that's fantastic!

    How is Moss dog today?

  4. Jayne Hill has left a new comment on your post "Lambing time Cake-off-bake-off and #30DaysWild":

    WOW, that's fantastic!

    How is Moss dog today?

  5. I am stunned, that cake is incredible!!!!!!!!! When are you entering for the bake off!! Beautiful!!!!

  6. Love the cake. Hope everyone at work was suitably impressed! You two make a good team. I trust Miss Moss is feeling better today and not too tender. ❤❤ xx


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