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Hot rubber and oil - ooh er missus!

Last weekend the village rumbled to the sound of 25 vintage tractors trundling around the lanes.
The air was heady with the smell of engine oil, grease and exhaust fumes 
and the boys were delighted!
It was great meeting up with folk we'd not seen for a while.
So thought I'd share some of the 'muscle motors' and the quirky moments with you, 
(did you notice the little co-driver?)
I love the detailing - especially the little tractors on the lens,
don't think such decorative touches appear on modern vehicles.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,  if Moss has anything to do with our weekend plans, it will include a walk or two!


  1. Love the tractors, especially the little red ones. The dog seems happy enough in his little container.❤❤ xx


  2. Must have been a sight. Our favourites are the little grey Fergies & I believe, they are great workhorses. Hopefully a sun filled weekend with jolly walks with Moss. Take care.

  3. My husband would love those tractors!

  4. I was too busy to go and have a look. I am 'under instructions from the organisers' to persuade Beloved to take part ...


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