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Oh blue so deep and beautiful (and sweetly scented) #30DaysWild

Spring and early summer were carelessly muddled this year,
Spring was a little late so her flowers slept on
until suddenly it was warm and Summer was knocking at the door.
 Summer's warmth first encouraged the bluebells
then began to desiccate them.
 The bluebells nodded in the warm air, 
filling it with the most intoxicating ribbons of scent
that curled around and teased us.
 Lying down to take photos 
disturbed the perfume 
causing waves of fragrance to wash over me.
 The air heavy with heat and scent 
accompanied by the sound of  slowly flying bumblebees 
was luxuriant and rich.
It was a heady concoction of sunshine and scent.
The bluebells have all gone now,
leaving faded green stalks and seed pods,
making ready for next year's display.



  1. Your bluebell photos are just incredible!!

  2. Wonderful photos and beautiful prose to accompany them. Take care.

  3. Beautiful photos, you have captured the blue bells perfectly.

  4. What beautiful bluebell pictures. Can almost smell them. ❤❤ xx

  5. Bluebells are such special flowers, and I love the fact that the native ones have blue pollen. Your photos are almost scented!
    Cathy x

  6. I must make an effort next year to walk amongst them. All I could manage this year was glimpses of them as we passed them in our car on various journeys. Must try harder! Love your photos.


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