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Walking with Moss #30DaysWild

Fields of daisies greeted us as we stepped out of the car.
They nodded in the warm sultry breeze as heavy clouds sat low on the hills.
We hoisted the haversacs and tightened out boots 
and set off for Moss's first 'proper' walk with her new pack.

And it was a good one!
We walked through fields of sheep 
(she chose to watch from a safe position)
... this might one of the reasons she failed as a working dog ... 
We sat, ate our lunch as we absorbed a gentle scene.
No rushing, no cars, just a couple of walkers
and the sound of bird song filling the air.
Eldest told me I was a 'true blogger'as I photo-ed my sandwich in the view,
it made me smile :)
Along our walk I found the bravest of small woodlands. 
 A mini forest of rowan reaching for the sky
each one battling for a space of their own.
Their home, 
a lichen covered fence post.
You have to applaud their bravado and optimism. 
One of our stops, where Moss leapt in and out of a small stream
with a huge grin on her face,
I found a tiny Germander Speedwell
quietly growing in the moorland grasses.
 Although not a very lofty walk, as we reached the highest point, 
the clouds dropped and we started to get a bit too wet, 
so we turned back down off the moors and followed first drovers tracks, 
then farm lanes back down to the valley were we'd parked.
Then, just a few hundred meters from the car,
Himself spotted this....
A small hand written house name,
Moss House
Seemed silly to miss this 'photopportunity' 
(yes - a word we use in our little world - pronounced - foe-top-portunity - 
when a photo just has to be taken!)
Now, as I type this out, 
a very, very, very tired but happy little dog, 
is fast asleep with her head lolling out of her super comfy dog crate - she is knackered!



  1. Oh, bless her tired little doggy heart :). In second photo ("a study in denim"!) she looks much, much smaller than I originally thought she was - do you know her history, does she have a known age?

    Love the pose at Moss House - what a star to be settled enough to stay for that photo when she's only been with you such a short while.

    Looks like this will be turning into a Dog-Blog for a while - lovely :) !!

  2. She looks so much more relaxed in just one week since we last saw her. I agree with Jayne, she does look tiny in that photograph, it must just be the angle. Love your photopportunity picture. ❤❤ xx

  3. How cute does she look between your legs? Just peeking at those sheep!!!!
    It's amazing where saplings, weeds etc. will take hold and love the 1st photo of them. I think Moss House was a great photopportunity, as it was such a "lucky" find. Have a good week and take care.

  4. I think you and Moss are going to have some great adventures!

  5. A wonderful walk! I love that you have been declared a "true" blogger!

  6. So cute peeping out between the legs; it is not a problem she is a 'failed' sheepdog. No-one is a failure as we all have hidden talents and I am sure Moss will show you her talents too.


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