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18 - Advent counting again

Rather tired tonight - it has been a very long day - so a quick post.

18th is the 352nd day of the year.
Only 13 days left of 2015.

The December moon is called the 'cold moon' - normally I would agree, but this winter has been a little strange. Warmer than some of our summer temperatures I have heard reported on the radio....

The earliest recorded Roman calendar only had ten months, with the final one known as 'decem mens ri' meaning the 10th month. After the calendar matured into a 12 month cycle, the word was 'December' was adapted by the early english and it remained there ever since.

So, Friday today - thank goodness!
I could do with some time at home,
need to sort a few things out for a 'thing' happening in a few days time,
and I am so not ready :)



  1. Everyone is talking about the warm winter in UK. Must be too warm all over, as December here we are breaking records too with excessive heat. Sit back and breathe over the weekend. Take care.

  2. happy Friday. I am so glad it's here!

  3. Even I have to agree it is 'warmer' than I expected it to be. I like the picture you found with the 18 in it.

  4. Love the numbers today. I wonder who I B was. You did not mention where you took the photograph. Word derivatives always fascinate me like your Decem for December. Also Octo and Novem for the 8th and 9th months in the old calendar. Love the snowflakes. xx

  5. When you are rushing about getting everything perfect for your family, don't forget to take care of yourself!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. That's an unusual sign in the picture
    Julie xxxxxxx


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