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Betty, Susan and Day 15 Chrimbly countdown

For years we have known a lady - Betty. A sweet person who adores dogs and can be found with dog treats stashed in her pockets. Any dogs out for a walk, on seeing her in the village, eagerly drag their owners towards to Betty who delights in fussing over their pet.

She has always had plenty of time for my boys who are gently fond of her and dear Betty has never missed their birthdays and kindly sends them cards. Over the years we have reciprocated and during December, when we do our festive wreaths and decorations, I make her a wreath for her front door.

Except this year, when, due to being so busy, I'd not made any wreaths other than the little heart one for my front door.  Himself gently chided me when we realised that I'd not remembered Betty.
So on Sunday, I quickly made a small traditional one for her. As I was assembling it I thought of Susan of Granny Smith's Quilting. She is hails from Australia although I suspect her heart belongs to our little soggy island :) She had mentioned that due to the heat during December she found it difficult to have festive greenery.
I got to thinking about this - I grew up in Africa and I can remember my mom decorating (albeit in very light summer clothing and a fan on high speed) the house and we had greenery, red ribbons and local huge seed pods twinkling with silver glitter.
This little wreath uses oasis - dripping wet oasis, as the base and a life support. With leylandii and lonicera inserted as a thick collar of green into the oasis, it lasts for weeks and weeks.  The centre of baubles and decorations complete the arrangement.  Susan - this might be a way of having a little bit of greenery on your front door!

Susan has also done a very festive Ta-Da! herself - rather elegant snowflakes made from paper. She is very quick to say that the idea is not hers, but her step by step tutorial is very easy to follow and definitely something I want to try! Why don't you pop over and have a look :)



  1. That is very pretty
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Thank you so much Hawthorn and yes I'd thought of oasis too, and might do something quick late this week, then show on a post (soon, I hope). I found something I thought might go in the middle, so we were thinking along the same lines, probably about the same time. Coincidence! I actually have the snowflake hung on the door at the moment. How do you think greenery will stand up to 39deg and high winds on Saturday? Yuk. Take care.

  3. Love Betty's wreath. Especially the little Hessian angel. I followed the link to Susan Smith's snowflake. It is very clever and looks fantastic. I also added a comment on her blog. xx

  4. That is a very pretty wreath and such a good idea to use an oasis.

  5. Our wreaths are looking somewhat sad after the bad weather - I will have to give them some tlc!!

  6. Your wreath is beautiful!! I am sure that it will be much admired and enjoyed by all who see it. So lovely of you too to think of Susan. xx

  7. Well done you! Finding time for other people, that is you to a tee. I'm sure Betty will love it.

  8. Just been to Susan's snowflake and it is gorgeous; will have a go! Thanks for yet another handy tip.

  9. That is really nice you made one for Betty! The wreath us very pretty!! It is funny you talk if foliage in a hot country as I remember a very Curious-looking Christmas tree they out together for us foreign students in Bali. It was funny to see their interpretation of an.evergreen pine!!!x

  10. I bet Betty was thrilled with this years creation, I would have been, its stunning.

  11. Betty sounds lovely and I suspect your wreath means a gret deal to her.

    Sorry not to have commented much recently but have been having some 'teething trouble' getting Feedly and thea iPad to play nicely togther. Next job, find another blog reader, grrrr.

    Thank you for stopping by at Bag End, your visits and comments are vey much appreciated.


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