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Chrimbly countdown 13 - unlucky for some - not for me:)

We were supposed to be getting super-duper-extra-speedy broadband in the village.  
It was promised for June and for about 6 months before that, 
all the substations were situated and wired up ready to go.
Just a few select parts of the village have that super-duper-extra-speedy broadband,
we still have snail speed....
Any hoo - the substation down the main road has given me the number I needed!

I am staggered at your lovely comments about my attempts of window decorating - thank you :) I had also drawn on the French doors at home, but the pictures I took were not that great - however Eldest, despite feeling rather ill, patientially set up the tripod and took this image for me :
With all the torrential rain we have had recently, we opted to stay at home dry and quietly  grateful that we live on the side of a hill and all the surface water just runs down the road and in to the calvert.
My heart goes out to all the villagers in the north of Lancashire and in Cumbria who have been hit by the flooding.

We had a festive get together last night over in Hebden Bridge with Himself's side of the family. Usually we are the last to arrive (this is quite normal for us....)  however we were one of the first to arrive despite the huge lake-sized puddles and landslides on route.  Members of family were being diverted miles around due to blocked roads, stalled cars and collapsing roads.  The evening was spent happily catching up with news, stories and gossip as we enjoyed a lovely meal. Fortunately by the time we'd finished, the rain had stopped and the puddles had shrunk to more manageable sizes.

I might have another festive Ta-Da! to share with you tomorrow!

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  1. Huge sympathies with the broadband delay. We had exactly the same here - 90% of our village connected up when the engineers finally got to us, but our little group of houses, which is set outside the rest of the village, were not included.

    There was a problem getting electric to the new distribution box; the cables have to come through a field owned by someone with a history of refusing the wayleave. So I made an absolute nuisance of myself - started with the Chairman of BT, and our MP, and moved on from there. And when I got those irritating 'please bear with us' emails (which really mean "please go away so we can forget about you") I kept on and on and on. I really was a bluddy nuisance. And guess what - we have super fast fibre stuff. Granted not as speedy as in some towns, by 35-40Mbps is rather nice :-}

    So don't give up!

  2. More rain? I do hope it clears for you all soon. I love your doors as well. We are supposed to be getting super fast broadband too, here in Oz, but it's not got to everywhere yet and we are still waiting. Stay dry and take care.

  3. We've been waiting a long time too for super-duper Broadband haven't got it!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Lovely artwork! You did well to get to Hebden Bridge and back; we were out looking at 'the puddles' and decided to avoid Foulridge on the way back home; came back via Skipton/Keighley which was slow going! Wherever there was a dip in the road, a deep puddle had formed. Never seen anything like it before....

  5. We had to go through the Foulridge puddles to get home!! Slow and steady did it but the tail back went to Kelbrook. Love your windows. Glad you had a good family reunion in Hebden Bridge.

  6. Your windows looks fabulous.
    Get well wishes for your young man, hope he's soon recovered and can enjoy the fun things this time of year brings.

  7. Glad you had a good evening! Your windows look as fabulous as your others did!!! Hope your son is all OK soon. xx

  8. Your window deocrations both at work and at home are wonderful. You can do mine anyday. I've only just got the tree up and will make a wreath this coming weekend x


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