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Remembering ......8

Firstly I want to thank everyone who wished me luck for my exams - it was a bit of stressful drive there, a rather intense two hours then a less stressful but still trying journey back but it is now OVER!! Let the festivities BeGiN!!!


When I was little, my Gran would send us an advent calendar which my brother and I would take turns in opening the little doors. I was a little older than him and fairly quickly worked out that if I 'graciously' allowed him to open the first door - then I would be the one who would open the grand 'two door' window on the 24th...... Sneaky huh!?

But childish connivings aside, we would love the anticipation of opening each door to reveal the day's hidden picture.  I can remember always being disappointed by the one with the wrapped parcel (which was usually around the 8th - but I was prepared to put up with that as it meant I was on track to open the 24th).  That window never held any charms for me, I preferred a twinkly star or the animals. Or the snowman especially if he was skating on ice with a red flapping scarf, a hat at a jaunty angle and the obligatory carrot nose.

Another strong festive childhood memory was my love for cards covered in glitter. The type of glitter that fell off and stuck to your fingers or face. I can remember rubbing (surreptitiously of course) the glittery card on my skin to transform the magic on to me. Preferring the silvery blues to the golds and reds, I would try and get my finger tips twinkly and in my mind's eye I was mysterious and otherworldly.

I can also remember with fond amusement (now) the seasonal unreliable nature of the tree lights. The exasperation of my Dad as he would endeavour to fix the wires, replace the bulbs or the fuse and finally manage (I don't know how) to get them working again.  I can clearly hear the clink of the small coloured glass bulbs as they were laid out on the carpet to be tested before draping them on the tree.  I even remember the smell of them!

I have many other memories that harken to childhood Christmases and had wondered if my boys do too.

So I asked.

They mentioned the village card-delivery walk using sledges with fondness and hiding in the box we store the decorations. At the beginning it was possible to fit two small boys, then over the years as they grew, just one at a time until last year, only Youngest tried to get in and failed.... that job now belongs to the cats.
The stockings on the end of their beds when they wake up which they then open on our bed before we get up.
'Playing Santa' on chrimbly morning when one or the other took turns to hand out the gifts from under the tree.
Mincepie eating competitions - initially Himself would win hands down, now the boys are clear winners!
The small table gifts on chrimbly eve at my Mom and Dad's - usually naughty gifts that entailed building something that would shoot missiles over the dinner table at their uncle or dad.
Childhood memories.

Now my mom sends me a wonderful interactive advent calendar which I load on my laptop. Each day has a little story or song with festive carol singing in the background. Little Victorian folk walk across the screen with dogs and parcels while snowflakes quietly drift down.
There is the option of decorating the tree, designing the snowflakes and stained glass windows.
Today on the 8th, was the chance to catch a train and trundle around the snowy hills.  
For a few sweet minutes, I was captivated and drawn into the animations and story line. 
Another gentle happy festive memory.

 T*H*A*N*K  Y*O*U 

Do you have any chrimbly memories carried through your life?
Do you do things now that become 'rituals' or 'customs' that you hopefully will pass on to your children?

Joining in with Julie's Scrapbook advent calendar - pop over to HERE to see who else is participating



  1. Crafting for Christmas as the local community centre, a 4 year old granddaughter and lots of lovely handmade things to take home to mummy and daddy and my car needed to be vacuumed yesterday, I have been well and truly glittered for the past 10 days - glitter gets everywhere (yes, everywhere!)
    A wonderful advent mum sent to you, must look that up.

  2. 8 already?! December is flying by!
    I love the advent your mother sent you. At the moment we only do the shop bought chocolate ones. For years I've been meaning to make one we can use every December, I only ever remember in December though! xx

  3. I too have this Advent Calendar and I love it; simple and sweet and nostalgic. Christmas memories from my childhood??? Mother insisting on it being her job to decorate the tree (and beautiful it looked too).

  4. I don't have the same memories as the Northern Hemisphere as it is so very hot quite often and we didn't have advent calendars. I'm sure they are a much newer thing than in the 50's when I was a child. I do remember cake and pudding preparation though and trimming the tree. My kids remember taking out all the decorations and Xmas morning they were so good, hopping into bed with us and then we all got up and went to see what was under the tree. Fantastic, but they are all grown up now!!!!!!!!! Love the online advent calendar. Take care.

  5. Both Dad and I sat at breakfast searching for our childhood memories. Funny some were the same. We both remembered making paper chains with crepe paper each year, going out into the African bush searching for a prickly asparagus like fern to hang over pictures and pelmets. I remember the first time we had tinsel and plastic bells to hang on the tree. We also made Father Christmas faces with empty boiled egg shells, red crepe paper and cotton wool. Then on Boxing Day the local people would come round in their tribal dress and dance and sing, then ask for 'Boxmas' - and we would put money in their collection tin. Then we always had Christmas Dinner at night by candlelight, it was far too hot at lunchtime to have turkey and all the trimmings, a custom we still do today. As 'Colonials' we stuck faithfully to British traditions. Happy Memories. xx

  6. I doubt if kids these days are satisfied with the little advent calendars we used to enjoy :-}

  7. What wonderful Christmas memories you have! Thank you for sharing them with us! xx

  8. Not seen that advent calendar.
    I have many different memories of Chriastmasses past. Some Happy some Sad
    Julie xxxxx


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