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Thank you 2015 - time to stand down. Your time is done.

At this time of the year, for me, it is a time to be retrospective, time to reminisce, time to realise what is important, time to practise hygge, time for gratitude... Time to say thank you for...
  1. The air that I breathe
  2. My dearest other half who makes me complete
  3. My boys
  4. My Mum and Dad
  5. My family
  6. Friends
  7. The warmth of the sun
  8. Blue skies
  9. The purring of a cat
  10. Hearing the crackle of the fire on a cold night
  11. Snuggling down into bed, feeling cocooned by the duvet
  12. Holidays
  13. A brilliant vivid orange sunset or an amazingly fuchsia pink sunrise
  14. Jeans that act both as a corset and make me feel good
  15. Earrings
  16. Laughing til I cry
  17. Casting on a new project
  18. Casting off the last stitch
  19. Walking
  20. Breathing in coastal air
  21. Camping in new places
  22. The earthy scent of a damp woodland in autumn
  23. Blogging
  24. Hearing the rain on the roof - when we are all inside safe and warm
  25. A Scandinavian police drama that makes me wanting more
  26. My health - I have niggles but then that is all they are
  27. Betty Ferries' Shetland sweet oatcakes
  28. Pepparkakor
  29. My camera
  30. Tea - Scottish, green, peppermint, ginger chai, Yorkshire, valerian
  31. Hugs 
  32. Beach sand between the toes
  33. A good night's sleep
  34. Dancing to the radio in the kitchen
  35. The coffee brought to me on a weekend to sip in bed
  36. Cranberries
  37. Weekends
  38. A good strong cheddar
  39. Silver rings
  40. Feathers
  41. Mist in the valley
  42. The reflections in water
  43. My new dustbin in the kitchen
  44. Finding cat pawprints around the bath edge
  45. blankets to wrap around me 
  46. Watching my boys eating the food I cook
  47. Having friends around
  48. Incense curling around the house and filling my senses 
  49. The smell of bread baking
  50. The feel of furry cat tummies and their cold feet
  51. My garden
  52. The hens in the garden
  53. The plants in the house
  54. Music
  55. Land art
  56. Waking up and realising I still have several hours of sleep left before I have to get up
  57. Reading
  58. Hot showers
  59. Clean hair
  60. Wearing something I have knitted
  61. Seeing Himself in the Skepp-o-hoy jumper I knitted him
  62. White painted wood
  63. Fairy lights all year round
  64. Wicker baskets
  65. Border collie dogs 
  66. Garlic bread
  67. The countryside I drive through every day
  68. Lambs playing in the fields
  69. The sound of waves pulling back through a pebbly beach
  70. Bird song
  71. How much Himself does for me
  72. A really good salad
  73. Wool shops
  74. Wool festivals
  75. Wool....(wool)
  76. Friends - dear sweet friends of which I have many - they are what keep me strong, keep me sane, keep me safe. (I know I have already mentioned friends - but they are worth repeating)
  77. Hearing rain on the roof and know that by shear luck, the house we bought 15 years ago is on a gentle slope keeping us safe from flooding - especially this year when so much flooding is present
  78. That brilliant blue that only the sea and sky on a late spring day can give - the type that fills you until it hurts
  79. Sitting around a table of food and family and sharing meals and laughter
  80. Watching the hyacinths in moss first peaking out then blooming - filling the room with their sweet sweet scent 
  81. Looking for then spotting the first swallow - a sure sign that summer is on its way
  82. A vacuumed carpet
  83. A freshly mown lawn
  84. Watching the hens scratching in the garden finding bugs and grubs that I can never get to
  85. The smell of wood smoke in autumn
  86. Soup - thick warming soup that sticks to your ribs on a cold weekend after walking
  87. The sight of a cat trying to sit in a box that is two (or probably three) sizes too small
  88. Succulent dates, chewed slowly and preferably with my eyes shut so the flavour fills my head
  89. Big sky 
  90. Far horizons
  91. Watching the sun go down on Summer Solstice
  92. Lighting candles for Yule
  93. The smell of my home - familiar, safe
  94. Books
  95. Holding his hand
  96. Listening to our favourite CDs 
  97. Cooking magazines - they inspire
  98. Cheap 'bic' blue pens
  99. Water colour pencils
  100. Watching my three - a bittersweet mix of Dad and Sons/three men/three friends/three gamboling gangly creatures - my three.

Thank you 2015 - time to stand down - your time is done.


  1. Loved that post and I could only find one I do not like (garlic bread), although some I don't do any more, as in a cuppa in bed. Thanks for the thought that has gone into this post. Happy New Year to you and the 3 boys and your Mum and Dad. Take care and huggles.

    1. Thank you Susan. Happy New Year to you too. xx

    2. Lovely post. Makes one realise how much we have to be thankful for and appreciate. Happy New Year to all your followers. May it be prosperous and peaceful. xx

  2. The very best of things and how wonderful that there are so many! Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2016! xx

  3. Reads like a list of perfectness.
    Wishing you a year filled with happy and fun times and lots of knitting too! Happy New Year.

  4. what a wonderful list, may 2016 be filled with a 100 more things to be happy about xxx

    and those box kitties - adorable x

  5. A marvellous list and a prefect post to welcome in 2016. Happy New Year!

  6. Glad you stopped at 100! For a time I did wonder if you were going for 2015 reasons to be thankful for.... There are so many of yours that I would list too. In reality there is so much we ought to be thankful for. x

  7. I love that cats love boxes so much, so much entertainment.


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