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Baking, making Cake! Chrimbly counting number 16


When Himself and I first started living together, we had very little and earned even less. So when he came home with two baking dishes for me he'd found in a sale - one a deep pie type and the second a small glazed flan dish - they were immediately put to use.

For a long time they both did sterling work, sadly the pie dish eventually paid the price and developed first a crack in the glaze then the pot itself and was reluctantly relegated to the bin. I still have some *mumble*mumble* years later - the flan dish!

Stamped on it's base is F16 - just perfect for today's number - 16.
Over the last couple of days I have had an unseemly urge for fruit cake but hsve been remarkably uninspired recipewise. That was, until last night, when I was flipping through a magazine that I am particularly fond of - 60 North.  One of the articles contained recipes and, as I was absentmindedly reading through them, I came across - 'Hufsie cake'. 

The recipe instructs you to boil all the ingredients together until the sugar, butter and fruit make a thick syrupy sauce then to add the dry ingredients and egg, mix gently then bake. I quickly ran my eye over the ingredients and realised I already had them all. It was a bit late in the day to start then (I'd already gone to bed!) so I planned that as soon as I got home tomorrow, I'd get baking.

And I did.
And it is rather yummy.

And Himself is rather pleased.

And there is now less that half left....... (and Himself has just walked out of the kitchen clutching a cake filled plate and a smile.... how does he remain so slim??!!)

What baking have you done recently? Please share, I always need new ideas for the three munch monsters I live with!!
Hufsie recipe is HERE I hope you give it a try  :)


  1. Sounds like a really easy cake to make! Right now I am concentrating my baking on my Christmas cake, but I will be back to it again next year. Happy munching! xx

  2. That sounds yummy and by the look of the disappearing loaf, it must be. I don't seem to be in a baking mood much at the moment, as it is too hot and we will be away for the Xmas weekend, so hopefully when we get home, the weather will be milder and I can do some. Take care.

  3. It is hard to imagine life without home baking. Yes, how does he keep slim when it is so hard to eat lots of cake and not pay for it! Recipe sounds good; I like the boil type ones!

  4. Oh - that looks delicious! The only thing I bake these days is the Christmas cake, as alas middle-age spread was spreading just too far!!
    My Mum baked every Sunday when I was little - Victoria sponges, apples pies, currant tarts, jam tarts, rock buns ....... happy memories!! She didn't have kitchen scales then, she just measured everything in an old tea cup! Sadly I didn't inherit her baking skills - I much prefer cooking to baking!

  5. It's all your fault, I am so tempted that I am about to start making a boiled fruit cake. Not this one but my usual as that was the one requested. xx

  6. yummy ...that does look nice.

  7. yum. My fruit cake recipe involves a tin of condensed milk instead of butter and sugar. it makes a sticky goo when you stir the fruit and flour and eggs in, but always tastes great. This Christmas I'm going to have to hunt for a new recipe as K needs to be on a dairy free diet for 3 months, as if the gluten free wasn't a challenge enough already....

  8. Mmm looks delish! I use a recipe from The Victory Cookbook by Marguerite Patten called Farmhouse Fruitcake. It uses just one egg (no good during a glut!) so comes out quite crumbly but my boys love it :)

  9. The cake look absolutely yummy
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. I can't tell you how much this made me beam!
    My friend Sophie told me about this post- I wrote that article for 60 North! It was an interesting recipe to research and develop. That was my first ever magazine article, I'm so pleased it was for such a lovely mag.
    The Hufsie looks great, it's wonderful to see someone else's bake of it!


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