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Chrimbly-countdown - Advent calendar 2015 - Joining in with Julie :)

Good grief - December already! This year has just flown by and it does not seem two minutes ago never mind 12 months, that I did my last Chrimbly-countdown for 2014.

But I am.

Every year I count throughout the month of December using pictures I have taken during the previous 11 months and share them with a story - partly to celebrate the year just gone and partly to remind myself of all the things I have done, places I have been and photographs I have taken. I hope you enjoy each 'advent' as I go along! I am joining in with Julie of Julie's Scrapbook - please pop over and visit her's and the other advent calendar posts that will start to appear.

Welcome and EnJoY!!


During May this year, we had an almost spontaneous holiday up in Galloway.  Neither of us had made any plans and it looked as if I'd not managed to book my leave in time.  Then, by sheer happy chance, my week off was confirmed and overnight we decided that we would pack the 'van and shoot up to southern Scotland for a few precious days of camping.

Oh what beautiful days they were too. 
The weather was fickle - veering from an unseasonably warm late spring to sudden torrential thunderstorms, leaving the air charged and sticky. We had been out for a walk when one of these pseudo-monsoon cloud bursts chased us back to the car and sent us towards our base camp.  
As we drove the storm broke and the sun filled the sky with such a brilliance and intensity that everything looked luminescent and sparkly - we could not bring ourselves to go back to the 'van. We stopped at a woodland - we had to feel the the beauty for ourselves.
The woodland had invitingly green pathways marked by wooden posts which lured us into the most beautiful sea of blue. Each post was numbered and we unintentionally followed the path in reverse as our final number was....one.
The scent was intoxicating. It drifted through the air and was intensified by the warmth of the sun. 
We walked through a haze of bluebells and our eyes were filled by the iridescence. 
The walk was breath-taking and we would have continued except the clouds rounded on us and the cracks of thunder sent us packing back towards the car. We only just managed to bundle ourselves in when the rain fell with a vengeance!

The whole experience was pure magic.

PS as I type this, I can smell the delicious scent of mincepies cooking - Himself has started his chrimbly baking traditions too! Yum yum!


  1. Such beautiful photographs. We visited that area in October and it was really lovely. I'd never been before but will certainly be going back. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your mince pies. X

  2. What lovely bright and cheerful photos, so nice to see on this dull blustery day.

  3. Happy memories of a glorious bluebell scented day in Galloway. xx

  4. Oh these are glorious!!!! I do adore bluebells, they are so magical- there's something fairylandish about them!!!
    I am also joining in with the Advent calendar, nice to meet you!x

  5. I was wondering if you'd do this again and, wow, you are. I loved your last one and had thought about it through the year. I adore "English" bluebells which we can't get over here at all. Thanks for doing it again and will look forward to each day. Take care.

  6. I am also joining in with Julie's advent calendar which led me to your blog. I will look forward to reading your stories from the year. I love bluebells and can almost smell their scent from your photographs.
    Nice to meet you, Barbara

  7. I'm joining in with the advent calendar too, thank you for sharing your bluebell photos, I love a bluebell wood and you have captured the beauty and magic of your walk so well, thanks for sharing x

  8. The Bluebell wood looks beautiful
    Julie xxxxx

  9. A wonderful way to look back and remember your year! Thank you for sharing with us. xx

  10. Gosh, I'd forgotten about it being the 1 December and that you might be doing your calendar! Thanks for doing this as each one is great but where do you find the time? Also I declare that home-made mince pies are not just for Christmas! Been eating mine for nearly a month now.... still got loads more to make (yipee!!!).

  11. Oh my those bluebells are stunning, I can imagine the beauty of walking through them.


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