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Sunday dawned bright and clear with not a breath of a breeze and the sun, oh the glorious sun, was warm and dazzling. We'd watched the weather report last night and decided that if we wanted our walk, that Sunday was the day.
The fields were still vast shimmering reflective lakes. The water was so still it mirrored the view. Beautifully. 
Which way is which? 
Any idea yet?
I'll let you know by the end**
We walked through the village of Coniston in Wharfdale, up into the hills behind towards the Dib and Coniston Pie. Our route took us up a lane pretending to be a bubbling brook. Water rushed down, rolling rocks and stones down merrily as it gouged deep gullies into the track.
Eldest took go-pro video footage of the water running down the track for me.

 We eventually turned off our wateryway and followed a drier route, stopping on a plateau for lunch and revelling in the warmth of the sunshine. From our vantage point we could see streams and waterfalls all over the hillsides.  We watched other walkers skip and jump over the watery pathways as they made their way across the countryside. The hills just oozed water at every nook and cranny.
Eldest gave Himself an anemometer as a chrimbly pressie and it made it's maiden appearance today. Each time we stopped, it was brought out and the wind speed, wind chill and temperature was pronounced - so a happy man then J , (we were inspired by this post by Jayne from The View From Bag End).
We took chunks of Yule cake, ate it with cheese and washed it down with mugs of hot tea. It felt wonderful sitting with my boys in the sunshine. (I may have mentioned that word once or twice already, but it feels so nice saying it..sun...sun...sun). 
We continued upwards, towards Kettlewell, higher and into cooler air. We donned all our warm gear and kept on moving. Even high up we found evidence of the recent rains.  

The two lads at the trig point are mine 
and Youngest is 'spearing' a puddle of mud with my walking poles
'bless him'........

The light was fading and of course that meant the temperature was falling too, we turned back down off the hills towards the valley and towards the car. The windchill was rather sharp, biting at my cheeks and my nose, so I buried my face deep into my scarf and under my hat.
We reached the car in the dark. It was wonderful to have been able to get out after being restricted by the rain.  I am back to work tomorrow, wish I was still at home with my boys.  All three still have another week off and have already planned more walks.  
Have a lovely start to your week and I hope you are safe and dry wherever you are.

**Oh yes - the two photos - which one was upside down? Well,the SECOND one is the correct way round and the FIRST is wrong - the reflections are so perfect that it is not immediately obvious.

Have Lovely and Happy Monday!



  1. We too were delighted to get out for a walk yesterday, even if it was just round the town. It was just so good to see blue skies. I love your reflection shots, and the one with the gate reflected in the puddle is super!!

  2. Lovely photos; the sun (sun, sun, sun!) was such a welcome break. Pity you are back at work....

  3. Oops, guilty as charged {grin} but thank you for the mention.

    Glad you all got out for a decent walk. I'm crossing my fingers for later in the week to do the same

  4. So beautiful! I'm jealous of your sun, send some my way ;)

  5. Love your rambles and all the lovely treats you provide us with through your eyes. Now if only there was a way to taste that yummy looking cake!!

  6. Gorgeous photographs again. I too love the one of the gate. Cake looks good too. xx

  7. What a useful gift, and yes I've thought of getting hubby one too and because of Jayne showing theirs. Glad you could get out and about after the ghastly weather and thanks for the wonderful photos. Take care.

  8. I got the photos right, but only just! Glad that you had a great time, a walk is a good way to blow out the cobwebs isn't it! xx

  9. oh what a wonderful walk. I do love your hills. We took advantage of the sun and went for a beach walk but it was such a high tide there was barely any beach and nowhere to actually walk, but the sun, oh it was wonderful x

  10. The sun has got his hat on here today and very welcome it is too. I hope you are going to be safe with the latest rain that I just heard the weatherman say we are to expect in the next 24 hours.
    Your festive table and home looks very inviting.


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