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From the heart

In the quiet of a resting house,
when the boys are curled up like cats
on the chairs.
I can sit in peace, with my laptop
and quietly thank everyone 
who made the last few
Our family meal on Chrimbly eve
was an amazing one.

At my Mom and Dad
with help from my sister in law 
and my brother,
it was
filled with love and laughter
and delicious food. 
Their home was warm
and welcoming,
their decorations
were perfect. 
Chrimbly day was here
at home.
We started with mugs of
and hot chocolate.
We had slippers and sleepy eyes
as we opened gifts
and watched the cats burrow through the paper.
We could not loiter long,
our visitors would arrive
in time
for morning coffee, mince pies and cake.

my boys and Girlfriend
laid the table for
a buffet style lunch
And created beautiful napkins for me.
We shared food,
and spiced punch.
We told stories
and jokes
surrounded by 
the warmth of family
and the fire.
All too soon, 
we'd eaten too much 
and it was time to say 
good byes
thank yous
thank yous some more.
Yes - those socks are odd
but then
so am I!

(Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

Thank you all - 

and immediate,

thank you
for making this weekend





  1. My comment is 'from the heart' too. It was a wonderful, happy, laughter filled (and lots of filling food too) Christmas with our family. Lovely pictures. Thank you for everything. xxxx

  2. Are there any leftovers???? I suppose not! Sounds like you had a wonderful time; it all looks lovely.

  3. your weekend looks wonderful xxx filled with family friends and feasting xxx

  4. Looks like you had the most wonderful Christmas
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Oh! my goodness everything looks so super duper Christmassy!!! Such and inviting place to be!!!

    Amanda xx

  6. Surrounded by people you care deeply about and who care deeply for you - that is what all holidays and gatherings should be about. It all sounds wonderful and I am cheered to read about your lovely family time.

    How is the weather? What are your water levels? How is your friend who lives next to the beck?

  7. Sounds and looks a lovely time was had by all. Luckily not too hot where we were, but warm weather just doesn't seem so Christmassy as cool and cosy. Thanks for the peak into your festive day. Take care.


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