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4 4 - wanting more? Chrimbly count down


During a week in Kirkcudbright we happily chanced upon a vintage car rally with cars from all eras and in all stages of decay right through to pristine restorations.  The boys (and I include myself as an honorary 'boy' for this occasion) loved it and we spent hours wandering around the cars, then watching them set off for a tootle around the countryside. Some cars started first time and smoothly set off while others coughed and spluttered and trundled away in a cloud of stinky smoke - one even stalled as it left the carpark blocking the way for the rest of the parade. However there was no shortage of stewards and volunteers to give it a friendly shove and send it on its way!

A 4 D.

Anna 4 David
Alec 4 Donna
Ally 4 Duncan
Andrew 4 Donald

Who knows - hope who ever they are - they are still happy together.

Just a brief post today - been a long day, still got a bit of studying to do and really really want to watch a programme later!

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  1. Yes..........I wonder who they were, and are they still together.........?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Ooh, a car show, how exciting. We enjoy them too and have been part in several over the years with our Morris Minor ute. Take care.

  3. If only trees could talk! I too often wonder how many of those carvings are still relevant or the ones I find very annoying, those done in paint on motorway bridges.xx

  4. You are so observant; love your countdown; please don't stop! I am a bit 'sad' too as I like vintage cars (include in that category tractors, haulage trucks etc etc).

  5. We go to lots of car shows, always good to see what there is out there isn't it! xx

  6. Do you still have your beautiful 2cv? I miss my old Beetle something terrible! xx

  7. Done see many carving's like that these days lol. trip down memory lane.


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