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20 20 biscuits a-plenty - Advent counting again

Saturday was a rather quiet day - mainly down to a 'heady concoction' of mediocre weather and general post-work lethargy.

The dour sky did nothing to enhance the mood - not that we were in anyway feeling negative or grumpy however, we were not feeling inspired either.

To get myself motivated I wrote a list of 'things to do', 'things to make', 'things still to buy' and then attempted to work my way through them.  Himself was drafted in as an essential component of the plan, thank goodness as he gently good humoured me as even I thought I was more scatty than usual.

After lunch we set out - ready to do battle. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised as the dire warnings by the radio of the thronging panic-driven masses were hugely exaggerated and places were no busier than a normal weekend.

By the time it was time for afternoon tea we'd crossed off the vast majority of my list - phew.

Then for some bizarre reason, later as I was cooking our evening meal, I had the urge to make biscuits - strange I know.  Any hoo, Eldest and Himself have quite happily consumed the majority of them.......

Peanut Butter biscuits  - not my usual recipe - couldn't find that book - wonder if in a fit of tidy-it-up-ness, I either re-homed it or indeed tidied it away beyond recovery. So, I resorted to my second favourite cook book - the internet.

A quick and easy recipe - the biscuits came up very buttery and very 'short' and certainly did not last very long!

PS - I learnt a new word today... Yex. (and yex - I mean yes, it does exist!)

PPS - Going to cast on something.


  1. Ah, 20th Dec, the day I married the first time in 1969. That makes me not being single for 46 years. Been with No 2 for over 40 years. Wow! For some unknown reason the figure on the scales reminded me, as I don't usually remember. I've not made peanut butter biscuits for some time. Maybe I'll get out my trusty biscuit book, which luckily I've not rid of(giggle). Take care.

  2. biscuits never last long here either!

  3. 20th December, my parents wedding anniversary; wonder why I remember it when they did not??? I know it is not officially the day but I am also making it the Shortest Day today. I am desperate for the daylight to lengthen... Not surprised your biscuits did not last long, but then baking in your house is always rapidly consumed!

  4. Biscuits look nice and short, different from our usual ones that we roll into a ball and flatten. I wonder how many of your followers will look up 'yex'! I know I did. I love the way it is used in Old English by Chaucer.xxx
    Yex.. verb.. To hiccough or belch.
    He yexeth and he speaketh through the nose. - Chaucer.

  5. It is always good to cross things off your To Do list - well done. Your biscuits look tasty!

  6. The biscuits look and sound great. I like the sound of 'yex' - I love learning new words. My most recent one is sussuration!!x

  7. The biscuits look yummy
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


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