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11 (of 15) - advent counting and a festive Ta-Da!

1 of 21... ... ...
2 of 21... ... ... 
3 of 21... ... ... 
3 of 21... ... ...
3 of 21... ... ...
3 of 21 (good grief How LOnG Is THiS GoinG TO *//£!! takE!! aaaargh!.... sigh.

I would often stare at the screen at the three little dots that would dot dot dot across the screen and cheerfully say... please do not power off or unplug your machine installing update....

3 of 21

then suddenly it would rattle through 4..5..6..7..8..9..10.. and stop.

I would get fed up and force a shut down.

Then one evening, staring at the screen as it blissfully informed me of... 1 of 15........2 of 15....... etc, I decided to make the most of a grindingly slow download...I took a photo. Job done :)

And on a much nicer note....
Tonight we had our festive knit and natter evening, the last one of the year where we bring food and a 'secret santa gift' and we share stories and nibbles and unwrap our parcels and try to guess who's gift we'd chosen.  It usually sets off giggles and false guesses but it is always in such good humour.   Thank you dear ladies, again it was a pleasurable evening xxxxx

I had tried to finish off this particular 'Ta-Da!' before this evening but didn't quite make it in time, so while we nibbled and nattered, I crocheted the last few rows to complete my....Tomte 
A Nordic elf associated with chrimbly time,
often with a dubious character and often rather naughty! 
My Tomte has a  very important job to do,
He has to hold some cards for us as he sits minding the tree.
I think he quite likes it.....but when the lights go out....will he get up to nonsense and blame it on the cats? 
Hmmmm, we shall have to wait and see :)


  1. Those great long updates drive me crazy too! You are not alone! I adore your little elfy fellow, he is so cute isn't he!!!! He is doing a great job of holding and displaying your Christmas cards too. Your knit and natter sounds like fun! xx

  2. He is lovely. He looks so angelic that he could possibly not be naughty, so it must be the cats (again). I agree that it was a good night and love my stripy yarn from Santa.

  3. Oh, he is so cute! Hope he doesn't get up to too much mischief. The 11 was clever, but sometimes I can't believe how many updates come up. Ugh. Have a good weekend.

  4. That always happens to us when we've turned the computer off and we need to go out - now!
    Love the crochet elf
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Yes, last night's Knit and Natter (and nibble) was good fun. Lots of happy chatter and a wonderful selection of food. Your Tomte looks fantastic but I agree with Threads Through my Life, he looks far too angelic to get up to evil. Will definitely be the cats. xx

  6. Loving your Tonte. House cleaned today so now I can contemplate putting the tree up tomorrow x

  7. He's adorable
    We have our secret santa with eatables (is that a word?) at my book group on Tuesday


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