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Seven and a festive Ta-Da!


Today I will be writing an exam.

Today I will have to drive over to York.

Tonight I will dance around the kitchen and laugh.

Tonight I will think festive thoughts rather than body conditions of spring calving suckler cows during autumn or which type of pig parasitic worm has the earthworm as it's secondary host......

Tonight I will be crafting and making and crocheting and breathing!
Until then .....

Take one bowl
and persuade husband to clear out the gutter so you can have the moss. 
 Dig to the bottom of last year festive decorations for the remaining cones,
persuade husband to take you to a number of garden centres to find white hyacinth bulbs...
failing each time.
finally resorting to having to purchase them online......
Locate some holiday beach pebbles.
 And add them to the rest of your pile of 'ingredients'
 Tuck the prized bulbs into the damp moss
to give a naturalised woodlandy look.

 Admire from several angles.
 Add the cones
and the pebbles,
 drop in a feather,
find some fat candles and place next to your arrangement...
 And feel suitably festive and pleased with yourself....
 Coz I know I did :)

Now just watch them and wait for them to grow and fill the house with the fragrance of yule.
Already, only 24 hours later the green shoots have darked and gently turned upward.
I can't wait :)


  1. How lovely! I have some hyacinths in pots out in the garage - must go and check on them. Good luck with the exam. Hope it goes well.
    Cathy x

  2. Good luck with your exams. Lucky for you that you do not have to drive to Carlisle for your exam..... Love your hyacinth recipe; still amazed you find the time to make it. Enjoy your craft-filled night and coming nights!

  3. Best of luck for your exams and take care driving in that weather, please. Look forward to seeing your arrangement in flower. Did the moss really come from your gutter? It's very pretty. I think I'll have to go pine cone hunting and do something different this year. Thanks for ideas. Take care.

  4. The front of our house is rather high up and so we don't see the moss quietly festering away until it gets quite a sizable lump, then with all this rain we could hear the water coming out of the gutter rather than down the spout. With Himself's long ladders, me hanging out of the upstairs window and one son holding onto the ladder, the moss was harvested and the gutter cleared out. Which in itself is a bit of a feat as Himself is afraid of heights!

  5. Well I am certainly popping back in here to see what sprouts from the moss!!!! Look forward to pics :-) Good luck with your exams!! Fingers crossed for you!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  6. Now I know why I went on a fruitless wild goose chase around here. Glad you found some eventually. It was well worth your effort. Look forward to seeing and smelling them. Enjoy your swotting free, crafting days now. xxxx

  7. I hope the exam went well. That is a lovely display for the hyacinths.

  8. That IS indeed a tah-dah!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! Were you WRITING the exam as in as the examiner or were you sitting an exam yourself?x

  9. What fabulous moss you have! I hope that the exam went well and that you have enjoyed your evening of crafting! xx

  10. Love bulbs at christmas
    Julie xxxxxxx


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