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Rain rain go away...

We have had a little rain...
Fortunately  - so far - the river,s although almost at breaking point, seem to be containing the water, however, the villages all around us have drenched roads, burst banks and flooded houses.
This is one of the roads I use to get to work... The residents along the river's edge must be worried.
I have a precious friend who lives alongside this maelstrom. She assures me she is fine, but I still worry.
We are lucky that we live on the side of a hill.

Lets hope the rain, promised for overnight, is light and brief and the waters can begin to recede.
Carleton in Craven is virtually cut off and, as I was taking these pictures, a dog walker stopped to chat. She said that she had never seen the water this high before and her husband who was 'bred-n-born' in the village had never in his memory known floods like these.

We walked around our village this afternoon and discovered that even the tops of the hills are flooding, icy icy cold water is bubbling out of the sodden earth and pooling in every dip.

And as I type this - I can hear the rain hammering down on the roof - so very very glad I am not working tomorrow, I would find it virtually impossible to get there in a 'straight line'. My heart goes out to those who are listening to the rain and wondering when the water will burst through their door or up through their floor boards :(


  1. I hope your dear friend stays safe.

    And hope is all we have at present, because at present if water decides it's going somewhere then that is surely where it will go. I'm not exactly sure where you are, but so much of the north of England is experiencing conditions that are, frankly, beyond the ability of man to deal with at present.

    There surely now has to be a radical sea-change in the way we manage our rivers and our settlements.

    Will be thinking of you all, stay safe. xx

  2. I feel so for the people caught up in these terrible floods. The forecast is not good either with another weather front coming in from the west. Go carefully to work on Monday. xx

  3. It has been raining non-stop for what seems to be weeks. I hope you are staying safe and I really hope the river keeps on containing the water. x

  4. Precious friend here, warm and dry! Thanks for thinking of me; weather has been amazing. Will probably go out today to see how the water levels compare to yesterday.

  5. the rain is bringing such misery, I hope everyone near you stays safe x

  6. I hope that you will stay safe and will not have any damage. xx

  7. I'd been wondering how you were faring when I eventually saw it on the news.
    It is terrible and our hearts go out to those badly affected. One good thing about living on hills even though gardening is difficult. It's just on our local radio station now which is unusual, so it is bad. Stay safe and take care.


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