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Nine nine just in time and Another festive Ta-Da!

 A nautical nine in some of my favourite favourite colours!

While waiting for summer....

Find yourself some wire from the greenhouse,
bend it in a heart shape...
Cut yourself some evergreen small leafed plant,
snip them short ready to tie...... 
Find yourself some red ribbon 
and sparkley thread..... 
And with a mug of tea to hand
and the radio on,
wrap the evergreen branches to the wire frame. 
Add a ribbon, stand back, admire then
make another. 
Celebrate the result with a mincepie 
and probably another mug of tea... 
Hang on your door and feel yet again
smugly festive!
I know I did :) 

And you?
How is your festive crafting going?

 ❅ ❅  


  1. Clever girl, looks lovely. No festive making here but hopefully by the end of the month I should have completed some bright and cheerful patchwork for the caravan.

  2. I haven't started any festive crafting yet, and I'm not sure that I'll get round to doing any this year - too busy carol playing with the band! I always have plans to do a Christmas embroidery but so far it only exists in my head!

    I've enjoyed all of your Advent posts so far, and looking forward to reading the rest of them.

  3. The colour of the boat is lovely and soft. Just love the heart, but it wouldn't last 5 minutes on our door here in the heat. I'd have to find fake stuff. Thanks for the idea. Take care.

  4. What a quick and easy 'recipe' for a lovely Christmas wreath.....so long as you don't leave out the best ingredients - a mug of tea and a couple of mince pies!!! xx

  5. My festive crafting hasn't come to life yet, we're busy decorating. Though your wonderful idea may well entice my crafting hands back to life!

  6. Plenty of brews and mince pies have been consumed here but not so much Christmas crafting! You always have such good ideas.


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