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21, the magical protection of a tree and a festive Ta-Da!

Twenty one 
Along the pathway, ahead of us, a wizened old tree.

Over the years it had split open and hollowed out,
most of its larger branches fallen and shattered on the slope.
Inside the hollow from a distance, I could see what I thought was a ladder.

I mused at the reasons.
A fairy ladder I giggled to myself,
for an elf to either go up in to the branches or down through the portal in the roots.

Was it a ladder left propped up when someone was chopping down the branches?

 As we approached, I could see the steps were too close for a ladder,
now I was really curious - what was it?
It was only after staring at an inscription 
that we discovered that it was the back of a memorial bench. 
Cast aside when it possibly collapsed and left in the hollow of the tree.
The tree had curled itself around the bench - protectively guarding the memory.
I felt a mixture of sadness and marvel.
Sadness that a bench, put up as a reminder of a beloved person, had been rejected by another.
Marvel at the slow protective care an aged damaged tree appeared to be offering.

Early on in December, I came across this delightful Norwegian blogger who reveled in all things Jul, have a look at the wonderfully simple candle chandelier she has in her first picture. I fell in love with it and tried to find myself one. 
To no avail. 
They were either hugely ornate, overblown, wooden, expensive or just down right UgLy! 
So I gave up (temporarily - I will hopefully find one in the future)
however, I still wanted the effect of that simple pinecone decoration.

So - tonight, after a walk through woodland and pinecone collecting, I made this.
Cones, ribbon and ivy. 


Happy Monday :) xxxxxxxx


  1. Simple, effective, natural, mostly recylable, cheap, what is there not to like? Another well done to you.

  2. I love your thoughts on the bench and hope the old tree keeps on protecting it. Maybe fairies do live there! The cone decoration is amazing. I need to go pinecone hunting too, as I've some ideas to try out next year. Take care.

  3. Like you, I wonder about the person the bench was commemorating and how it got in the hollow tree. Your simple decoration.....simply beautiful.

  4. Love the deocrations
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Para si e sua família desejo um Natal de Luz! Abençoado e repleto de alegrias.

  6. Gosh I wonder how the bench ended up there?!?!A beautiful decoration you have there xx

  7. lovely, I might try one of those for myself

  8. I love ancient trees - there's something moving about them. Your decoration is beautifully festive, capturing something of the woodland in your home.
    Cathy x


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