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A Monday, somewhere at the end of January ...

Morning Monday,

What do you have in store for me today?

There is a strange light in the sky, no it is not the sun but the clouds appear to have a pale luminescent creamy glow making everything almost sepia. The birds are quietly twittering in the hedges and trees and although I can not see them, I know, as does the next door's cat, that they are there.

In my ears I have an 'epic sound track' pumping out stirring and positive music. I have a sleeping dog on one numb but lovely and warm foot. The other foot is partly jealous because it is cold and partly relieved as it is not being squashed!

There is a pile of paintings in various stages of completion and some waiting to be started next to me, so I better 'get to it'...

Thank you every one who was involved with January's photo-hunt - as I mentioned before, February is slightly different. It is 'Hawthorn's Heart--thon' where I post a heart themed picture and waffle on a bit each day until the 14th. This year I am not alone, Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting and Jak from Jak's Tales have are joining in. 

I will be adding a semi-permanent link on the side of my page as from the 1st February so please pop over and see what hearty happenings they have been up to. If you are mad enough to want to join in too (bet you have one or two hearts and hearty stories around your home) let me know and I will add your name to the link list too.

Here is to a little bit of  LVE - the world certainly needs it now more than ever.♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

And the photos? Well, in start contrast to today's sepia tinted damp day, yesterday was crisp and icy.  Those dramatic 'feather and mountain-scapes' were on Himself's windscreen.

Well Monday, 
been nice chatting with you, 
I must get on... but first, 
I shall put the kettle on,
then bring on the day!

I am ready.


January's Scavenger Photo hunt link up.

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January 2017's Scavenger Hunt

The exotic fragrance of incense,
delicious to some,
a turn off for others.
Some scents are so evocative of holidays,
camping, home and family.
Others invigorate, stimulate and
then there are those..that..make..me..wonder..

I looked up the definition of twilight, 
and once I had waded through the pages and pages of the television programme stuff,
it said ...
the soft glowing light from the sky
when the sun is below the horizon,
caused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere

When we were on holiday on Uist last summer,
we didn't want the magic to end.
We stayed out until it was too dark to see
and were rewarded with the most beautiful sunsets
and twilight.
They are etched on my heart and dance in my memories.
We need to go back.

It starts with a ...F
Not a particularly exciting photo
but yesterday it so cold that our usual dog stop
proved to be a bowl of Frozen Water.
Moss and I had walked to meet Youngest,
Icy cheeked and Frozen Fingered, we strode out to keep warm,
covering the icy ground rapidly.
On the way back, a thirsty dog led the way
to her usual stop,
a bowl kindly left out by a dog friendly house.
Only today it was an ice lolly!

Stranded high about the tide line, three derelict wooden fishing boats
languish, surrounded by rotting seaweed and slippery mud.
We'd been camping on Skye and on one rather damp day,
we drove out to explore.

I was spoilt for choice for signs,
we often take photographs as they amuse, 
shock or inform.
This one came to mind because it suffers 
a serious case of ex-
cessively spaced 'kerning'.

Have you lo-
cated the guilty word yet? 

Although not known for it's scorching days,
it's energy sapping weather,
Scotland still surprises with days that feel almost African in texture.
The sound of the grasshoppers grating out a tune,
the rustle of crisp grass in the dry air,
the reflected warmth off the hot ground.

Days like these are precious
and remind me of home.

It starts with a ...J
My dearest Himself gave me this beautiful fishy Jug for my birthday last year.
I do love it so.

As we trudged and slipped through the muddy field,
filled with standing puddles and deep ruts,
we came to a junction of pathways....
and this aptly carved stone marker.
Part of the Wyre Way walk,
this marker celebrated the lapwings
that live in the area.

In flower now
On the lane behind our house, up towards Moss' favourite running space,
is a scrubby bit of land that I suspect used to be gardened years ago.
In the midst of the undergrowth is a lanky Daphne,
her sweet sweet perfume fills the air,
I take a deep breathe every time we pass by.

Your own choice
'Doing a Lucy'
Thursday late afternoon and in poor light,
I took my crochet blanket outside
and laid it out on our lane,
the only place I could find to take a photo of my blankie.

Yes, I have mismatched socks on,
I usually do.


What's every one up to?

Gosh! What has happened to the weather? Moss and I went out early and in the gentle sunlight we walked around our local nature reserve waiting to Youngest to hop off the bus. The birds on the pond were happily swimming or preening and other dog walkers and their equally muddy dogs were pottering around. All enjoying the crisp cold air and blue sky.

But now? Urgh!

Any hoo, I am working on a couple of commissions at the moment, which is why I am a little quiet on the blogging front, so I thought I would just popped into say hello, see what you are all up to and to say that I have set up a new dedicated blog for my art - kjsutcliffe artist LINK HERE. It is still mid construction but I would love it if you popped in and said hello :)

Until then - keep warm (unless in Australia!) xxxxxxx


That Friday Feeling!

Where there is a spring in your step,
a bounce in your stride...
A Friday that feels good
and positive
and filled with happy things. 
Like a parcel in the post,
the first coffee of the day,
family coming home, 
an uplifting sound track,
blue sky....
or a cat in your way,
sharing your space,
filling your life with fluff and fur
and purrs. 
A day of infinite possibilities,
I definitely have
That Friday Feeling!

Sending wishes that you do too :)

Red heart Icon 48x48px

Happy happy xxx



Another dull day, weatherwise that is, here inside, it is warm and quietly busy.

I am busy mentally wrestling with my latest piece of work, I need to step back and stare and sort out the knowing that 'it is not right' with the 'what is wrong'.

The cats are busy either sleeping or grooming themselves. Pepper has firmly placed her furry rump beneath my light pronouncing it as a 'cat sun bed'. So now I am sharing work space with my littlest helper.

Pan has declared that she is the perfect weight and shape to hold down the duvet and is busy doing precisely that.

My Youngest is in bed, busy being quite poorly. His voice has gone from his usual baritone to a rather husky squeak which he sporadically supplements with a wracking cough and snotty nose - like I say, it is busy in here today ......

As for my latest hare?

Well after frowning and thinking and stepping back - I decided it was the face and in particular the eye that was displeasing me.
  I am a little happier with it now, will leave it and go back and see - often that helps.
And you, 
what are you up to on this midweek day - is your weather grey and bleugh, 
or are you feeling too hot (as I believe some of my Australian friends are!)
do you have the seasonal snots and coughs, 
are you painting/sewing/crafting/working?

whatever you are up to - have a magical day :)


The unexpected kindness of others

As I sit in the early morning gloom, dog on my feet and two cats asleep curled up next to me. There is the scent of coffee quietly filling my nostrils and the radio singing to itself in the background of my thoughts. I know I must get on with painting.... and I will, but first, a quiet moment with my laptop.

I am shaking my head in wonderment at the kindness, the unexpected kindness of folk I know.

This weekend a parcel came from Australia - the boys were goading me to wrestle it open immediately, but some how I felt sitting down with my morning tea and opening with bit of decorum was more my style. So I did.
And as soon as I saw the hidden treasure - I knew exactly what it was!
Thank you Susan (and Keith of course!) of Granny Smith's Quilting for my glue gun stand!  I love the way it stops the gun from falling over (which mine did constantly!) and comes with it's own 'drip tray'. Happy happy!

On Friday, a friend who has the most wonderful taste in furniture and a beautiful home offered a beautiful duck egg blue Welsh dresser to me. It is one I have often admired and have been known to run my fingers along it when I walk by! I would have taken it there and then, but drew a sensible breath and took out a tape measure. With a bit of sorting out in the kitchen ... it will fit! (I have never broadcast my dislike of my kitchen but it is something I 'live with' rather than love, this dresser will change the whole room - I can't wait!)

I am humbled by both gifts of kindness, thank you xx

Before I go - a quick update on my crochet snuggle rug - 
It keeps on groWING and I love it 
So, back to painting, enough blogging now.  

Oh, talking of which (painting not blogging) - Inspired by my wonderful glue gun gift, I had a bit of a tidy up in my craft cupboard (affectionately known as 'Jonathon Joe') and I came across a couple of cushion covers I'd painted years ago when Eldest was a very small person and we were still living in Africa .... I'd forgotten all about them.  
They were both well used and have the stains to prove it!

They both hark back to a different life.

What wonderfully unexpected goodness has happened to you recently?
What lovely moments of kindness have you received?
Go on share, it is lovely to hear what you have been up to :)

Now, I really must go - it has been lovely chatting :) 
Have lovely and Happy Monday!


There is a drought ....

Guest post by Pepper
Dear diary thing, 
(not sure how my hooman works this poota, her paws seem to fly over the buttons)

I am being subjected to the greatest torture a cat can endure.

I am being denied my 'cat rights' at every turn.

I am being foiled on every attempt.

And what my dear bloggy purrrrsons am I meowing about?

Well, hsssssss, let me explain exactly what my hoomans are doing to little ol' me

I am refused drinking water.

You heard it here furrst.


I am not allowed to lie in the basin in the bathroom with my parched jaws open
 and drink from the tap while my hoomans clean their fangs
I am not allowed to jump up on the sink in the kitchen
 and slake my thirst from the tap while Himself-hooman is washing up. 
I am not allowed to sit in the bath while junior hoomans are showering - they complain something about me watching them and it makes them nervous..... 

 I am not even allowed to sample the vintage of the paint water on my hooman-mom while she is painting - I have been forced to try and knock off what ever object she tries to balance on top of the small jar of precious water to p.r.e.v.e.n.t MEEEEEEE from washing my dry mouth and throat.

Oh I know there is a bowl of water in the back yard* full of water hidden in the plants and
I know there is a bowl of water in the kitchen **
I know there is a bowl of water in the bathroom ***


 (with or without the nervous pink hooman trying to shower at the same time)

AND I AM COMING FOR YOU(r glass of water at the side of your bed purr purr purr purr)

Edited to add...

*the bowl of water in the back yard? You silly cat, it is the one midst the plants you like to roll in!
**the bowl of water in the kitchen? You ridiculous cat, it is the one away from your food so you can drink in peace
***the bowl in the bathroom?Good grief cat - it is that LARGE one on the floor near the radiator, not the bath, not the basin but the B.O.W.L on the F.L.O.O.R!  gah  


Who cares if it is grey outside? Inside is full of colour!

Now I am not one for singing (only in my head where, accompanied by full orchestration complete with choir and conductor, I am sing spectacularly in tune....) but today I am struck by this little song ....

 ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬The weather outside is frightful... but the fire is so delightful.... ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Inside, surrounded by two cats - both snoring, a dog on my feet (which is making them so toasty and warm), a son (I think he is doing coursework but... who knows, he keeps sniggering at his screen so I suspect a slight deviation has occurred) while I am busy with my creative mojo juices working overtime.

Over the weekend there was a slight break in the weather, it was still very grey and wet but we managed to get out and do a decent walk. I love it when the walk is a little distance away as it gives me the most delicious guilt free crochet or knitting time.  (Did you notice the 'wonderful' grey stuff through the car window?)
Although outside was particularly driech it did not matter in the coz in the car it was full of colour, happy sounds of chatter and music and crochet of course!
I am yet to get photos of my snuggle rug that show the true colours, hmmmm, never mind, trust me when I say as the blanket grows - the happier it makes me :)  When I started it, I was a little put off by my initial colour choices, but now I am loving how it is turning out!  

♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Now before I forget....During the month of Fbruary, I do my annual 'Heartthon' for the first 14 days leading up to Valentine's Dy.   I won't be hosting the scavenger hunt during February as  I am kept busy with posting a daily hert themed photo and a story and you are more than welcome to get involved. I have already had a couple of you lovely bloggers asking to join :)

If you are not sure what I am talking about - have a look here and here and see what you think!

But until then my lovely bloggers don't forget there is still time to join in our Scavenger photo hunt. If you are new to this I shall explain.

A list of ten words or prompts are given at the beginning of the month and you, armed with your camera take photos inspired by the words.  These images can be recently taken or something from your archives, all you need to do is post the photos with a little story for each one and then link your name on this blog. We can then all hop over to read and share photos and stories!  Sounds good doesn't it?  To see some posts have a look here and here (the second link gives additional links to some of the photo-hunters who joined in).

This month's list can be found on the right hand side of my blog 'January's Words 2017'. There is still time to join in and don't worry if you don't manage to complete the full list - I would still love it if you participated!

We ran the photo hunt for several months last year and it was a wonderful way to meet new folk and read new blogs - so don't be shy, join in - it will be fun!(◠‿◠)

Happy Tuesday to you all 
Scavenger photo-hunt BIG REVEAL for AUGUST is...


Saturday's practicing gratitude thoughts

It has been a good day - nothing outstanding, nothing earth shattering but a gentle wonderful positive day.  Chores and routine things have been completed, shopping done and meals cooked and eaten.

I've been building up my stock and quietly adding it to 'my shop' - the silly thing is ...each time I do, I take a big breath, hold before I press 'submit'. Then when its done, a moment of a heady cocktail occurs filled with fear and elation before I tell myself to 'get a grip girl' - oh what a roller coaster of giddiness. 

Already I have had sales and enquires regarding commissions, I must be going in the right direction!
Now, as an antidote and calmative,  I am crocheting more rows of my 'snuggle-rug' (as this particular blankie is quickly becoming known).
I can feel it calling me back to carry on adding more random-ish rows. I am loving the methodical rhythm of the hook as it carries the yarn through, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through ... delicious.

While I work, I can think, I can plan and I can be grateful.

I can think about the future and how positive it appearing to be.
I can plan out new art work and new designs.
And I can be grateful for all the support and belief and encouragement - it is very humbling and makes my heart go squeeeeeee!

Please excuse me, I need to go and rescue Himself, he is having to share the settee with all that yarn which seems to want to engulf him with their happy colours, warmth and cosiness and I think that is MY job! *hehehehehehehehehe*

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxxxxxxx


This n That and whole lot of Thank yous

Wow, thank you for your wonderful wonderful supportive and encouraging comments! 
Not only here in my little corner of the world 
but on my new FB page too - I am humbled and delighted by the positive feedback - 
so thank you thank you thank you!

This hare is nearly finished, I am really happy how he has turned out. 
He just needs his protective coating of varnish and time to harden - then he is done :)
(and don't worry about the little sleeping foxes surrounding him - they're friendly!)

On a completely different subject, I have returned to a previous love, crochet. 
I was a lucky girl when my folks gave me a pack of Stylecraft DK - which calls out to be .....
A blanket!
I was going to go 'random' and on a whim put my hand into the bag 
and what ever I landed on, I would use.
After the first two rows ... 
I decided needed a little more structure than random! 
So, now, I choose a small selection of colours and as I use one,
I replace it,
so at any one time, 
I have four colours ready to go.
So, random ...ish...

Colourwise - the top image (of the yarns in the bag) is the most realist,
while all the others are either washed out by poor daylight
or taken by lamplight in the evenings ...

Oh - and before I forget ...
due to popular demand
(including a phone call from Australia!!)
the Scavenger photo-challenge has returned!

if you are up for a hunt,
here are January 2017's words

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos
January 's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!
  1. Smoke
  2. Twilight
  3. It starts with a ...F
  4. Circle
  5. Sign
  6. Heat
  7. It starts with a ...J
  8. Bird/s
  9. In flower now
  10. Your own choice

I will post a reminder in a week or so - any queries, just get in contact :)

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy,
be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. 
We'll reconvene and post our words and photos on Friday 27th January.

Have fun!

Scavenger photo-hunt BIG REVEAL for AUGUST is...


New Year*New Beginnings*New Directions*Still Me!

Talk about scary steps - but I am taking them.

What on earth am I talking about? 

I am talking about actually believing in myself and taking those steps I wish I had taken years ago ... so here goes!

....erhem, first nervous shuffling of feet then the sound of  chair being pushed back, clears throat and says ...

Hello, I am Kate, I am an artist


Enough procrastination, I have an unfinished hare painting,
stock to build up
webpages to finish building.

But first - kettle on, 
I have a mug of tea to make!

Why don't you have a look here too - http://bit.ly/2iKngAF