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Another dull day, weatherwise that is, here inside, it is warm and quietly busy.

I am busy mentally wrestling with my latest piece of work, I need to step back and stare and sort out the knowing that 'it is not right' with the 'what is wrong'.

The cats are busy either sleeping or grooming themselves. Pepper has firmly placed her furry rump beneath my light pronouncing it as a 'cat sun bed'. So now I am sharing work space with my littlest helper.

Pan has declared that she is the perfect weight and shape to hold down the duvet and is busy doing precisely that.

My Youngest is in bed, busy being quite poorly. His voice has gone from his usual baritone to a rather husky squeak which he sporadically supplements with a wracking cough and snotty nose - like I say, it is busy in here today ......

As for my latest hare?

Well after frowning and thinking and stepping back - I decided it was the face and in particular the eye that was displeasing me.
  I am a little happier with it now, will leave it and go back and see - often that helps.
And you, 
what are you up to on this midweek day - is your weather grey and bleugh, 
or are you feeling too hot (as I believe some of my Australian friends are!)
do you have the seasonal snots and coughs, 
are you painting/sewing/crafting/working?

whatever you are up to - have a magical day :)


  1. reading blogs with lunch...part two of the"whatever is fresh sling it in " soup..next step clean fridge, then last pack and go...

    1. We have soup like that - we call it ... ifits soup (if it is in the fridge, it goes in the soup) quite regularly! Good luck with the packing and trip and give my love to NZ

  2. Nothing exciting, tidying and sorting wool stash and trying to sort a mountain of photographs. Getting dark, better start cooking supper. xx
    PS. Poor hare with eye smudged out, he looks like he has been in the wars. Hope you are pleased with finished result. Love the shape of the slate. xx

  3. Get better youngest, quickly. Your day sounds interesting. Mine will be change & wash linen, appointment around one, friend I've not seen since before Xmas popping in later, and, starting on a quilt on Bubs!! I've also a project I'm working on that is supposed to be for my blog, but I'm lagging behind on that due to the HOT weather. Throw in mundane housework & picking more blueberries & there, you have my day ahead. Luckily we've a reprieve from the extreme heat at the moment, but we are in for another lot late weekend. Tell your Mum, that I've been sorting through old quilt photos & it sure takes time. I'm not looking forward to doing anything as huge as she is, though we also have mountains of photos from the past as well as what is on the computer. Ugh! Enjoy your painting & take care.

  4. Surprisingly our day ended with some welcome sunshine...first day for a while to do so. Fancied my first cup of tea in over two weeks since being poorly...progress...perhaps I'll soon begin knitting my cardigan. x

  5. I am utterly in awe of anyone who can paint like you. It honestly seems magical, a completely beyond-normal art. I hope your youngest feels better soon x

  6. I always start with the eyes. Been a glorious weather day today but I am too shattered to blog.

  7. Lovely hare; hard to see what you did not like with the eye but he looks fab. On this dull day I've re-instated my yarn-bombed Christmas tree, with just the red lights and non-Christmas decorations; looks great all lit up. Still waiting for body and brain to return to all cylinders following the cold/cough thing but getting there!

  8. It is amazing how when you leave something and then go back to it you have a whole different approach and things go very differently isn't it. Your work is so beautiful!

  9. Beautiful! A good job! You are talented! I can not paint. To answer your question, yes I am working on a couple of crochet blankets and sewing tiny clothes for a doll. It's so much fun to take time aside and do some handwork. Have a great weekend!


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