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There is a drought ....

Guest post by Pepper
Dear diary thing, 
(not sure how my hooman works this poota, her paws seem to fly over the buttons)

I am being subjected to the greatest torture a cat can endure.

I am being denied my 'cat rights' at every turn.

I am being foiled on every attempt.

And what my dear bloggy purrrrsons am I meowing about?

Well, hsssssss, let me explain exactly what my hoomans are doing to little ol' me

I am refused drinking water.

You heard it here furrst.


I am not allowed to lie in the basin in the bathroom with my parched jaws open
 and drink from the tap while my hoomans clean their fangs
I am not allowed to jump up on the sink in the kitchen
 and slake my thirst from the tap while Himself-hooman is washing up. 
I am not allowed to sit in the bath while junior hoomans are showering - they complain something about me watching them and it makes them nervous..... 

 I am not even allowed to sample the vintage of the paint water on my hooman-mom while she is painting - I have been forced to try and knock off what ever object she tries to balance on top of the small jar of precious water to p.r.e.v.e.n.t MEEEEEEE from washing my dry mouth and throat.

Oh I know there is a bowl of water in the back yard* full of water hidden in the plants and
I know there is a bowl of water in the kitchen **
I know there is a bowl of water in the bathroom ***


 (with or without the nervous pink hooman trying to shower at the same time)

AND I AM COMING FOR YOU(r glass of water at the side of your bed purr purr purr purr)

Edited to add...

*the bowl of water in the back yard? You silly cat, it is the one midst the plants you like to roll in!
**the bowl of water in the kitchen? You ridiculous cat, it is the one away from your food so you can drink in peace
***the bowl in the bathroom?Good grief cat - it is that LARGE one on the floor near the radiator, not the bath, not the basin but the B.O.W.L on the F.L.O.O.R!  gah  


  1. What a great post love it!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. My humans are the same! Especially when I want to share a bath with the smallest one. It's a disgrace. 🐱 Mog. X

  3. Wicked slaves...cats are so bleeding contrary aren't they!

  4. Great post. Seems like you have your hands full with this one.
    Hugs, Sharon

  5. Pan(dora) you are impossible.....but then Jak the Cat did prefer water from puddles to his own and also demanded that the bath tap was turned on to trickle so he could have a drink.....but then you are a cat!!

  6. Dear Pepper; you have my sympathy as I know how tiresome hoomans can be. I have a cunning plan for you. Ignore the taps and bath etc for a short while. That will put them off their guard (their attention span can be short) and then attack the taps! You could get Pan to some some diversionary tactics. Do let me know how you get one, yours in paws. Meow, meow.

  7. Just does taste right...drinking from a clean bowl obviously! x

  8. Boy, did that bring a smile to my face. How on earth do you catch her at the right moment & then go "click". Wish I could do that with our baby magpies whilst still around, as they can be so funny, but they move too quickly. Will show DD & family as they are having such fun with their 2 kittens. Take care.

  9. Hilarious Post about a topic we're all too familiar with! Miss Priss {and for that matter any other Fur Baby Kitty we've ever owned... or who owned us...} always wants to quench their thirst in the most curious of places whilst ignoring our liquid offerings beside their kibble bowls! Is it a Trust Issue I Wonder? {What have they laced my water bowls with??? Smiles} I'm just not sure... all I know is we've had to keep toilet lids down when we had an inside cat... and our outside kitties have slaked their thirst from various containers the rains filled or the garden hose or Barbie's Play Pool! And the Junior Humans aversion to the watching... well, I happen to share it, why is it that whenever we're in the bathroom doing whatever, we are so very entertaining that they want to be our audience I Wonder... kinda creeps me out too! *LOL* ... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Isn't it funny how many animals prefer to drink from anywhere that isn't their designated drinking spot! Or spout!

  11. thats funny because our Georgia ONLY drinks from the bowl outside!!

  12. Wonderful and isn't she gorgeous

  13. Back again just to say the photos of Pepper are fabulous!

  14. That's cats for you - all fur between the ears! Malevolent cat used to like sitting under a dripping boiler getting soaked, but complained bitterly if she was splashed with water. We had to have separate food and water dishes as she liked to tap the water dish to see the light move on the water. But as for actually getting bathed, that was a different matter! You do have connoisseur cats, though. Most will scorn water dishes for muddy puddles. x


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