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That Friday Feeling!

Where there is a spring in your step,
a bounce in your stride...
A Friday that feels good
and positive
and filled with happy things. 
Like a parcel in the post,
the first coffee of the day,
family coming home, 
an uplifting sound track,
blue sky....
or a cat in your way,
sharing your space,
filling your life with fluff and fur
and purrs. 
A day of infinite possibilities,
I definitely have
That Friday Feeling!

Sending wishes that you do too :)

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Happy happy xxx


  1. Happy Friday Kate. What beautiful work. X

  2. Lovely day here too. Waiting for the eldest daughter to provide another grandchild. So could be exciting too. Love your paintings.

  3. Love the foxes. I read yesterday why cats sit on laptops!! They are called 'LAP'tops so they must be sat on! Enjoy your Friday. XX

  4. such life in your paintings Kate x

  5. Stunning! You have captured the movement brilliantly.

  6. You certainly know how to capture the moment. They are beautiful. I like your Mum's quote on the cats. Have a good weekend & take care.

  7. Hope a good Friday led to a good weekend!

  8. Lovely...Now waiting for Mr. fox to have a vole in his mouth! x


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