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The unexpected kindness of others

As I sit in the early morning gloom, dog on my feet and two cats asleep curled up next to me. There is the scent of coffee quietly filling my nostrils and the radio singing to itself in the background of my thoughts. I know I must get on with painting.... and I will, but first, a quiet moment with my laptop.

I am shaking my head in wonderment at the kindness, the unexpected kindness of folk I know.

This weekend a parcel came from Australia - the boys were goading me to wrestle it open immediately, but some how I felt sitting down with my morning tea and opening with bit of decorum was more my style. So I did.
And as soon as I saw the hidden treasure - I knew exactly what it was!
Thank you Susan (and Keith of course!) of Granny Smith's Quilting for my glue gun stand!  I love the way it stops the gun from falling over (which mine did constantly!) and comes with it's own 'drip tray'. Happy happy!

On Friday, a friend who has the most wonderful taste in furniture and a beautiful home offered a beautiful duck egg blue Welsh dresser to me. It is one I have often admired and have been known to run my fingers along it when I walk by! I would have taken it there and then, but drew a sensible breath and took out a tape measure. With a bit of sorting out in the kitchen ... it will fit! (I have never broadcast my dislike of my kitchen but it is something I 'live with' rather than love, this dresser will change the whole room - I can't wait!)

I am humbled by both gifts of kindness, thank you xx

Before I go - a quick update on my crochet snuggle rug - 
It keeps on groWING and I love it 
So, back to painting, enough blogging now.  

Oh, talking of which (painting not blogging) - Inspired by my wonderful glue gun gift, I had a bit of a tidy up in my craft cupboard (affectionately known as 'Jonathon Joe') and I came across a couple of cushion covers I'd painted years ago when Eldest was a very small person and we were still living in Africa .... I'd forgotten all about them.  
They were both well used and have the stains to prove it!

They both hark back to a different life.

What wonderfully unexpected goodness has happened to you recently?
What lovely moments of kindness have you received?
Go on share, it is lovely to hear what you have been up to :)

Now, I really must go - it has been lovely chatting :) 
Have lovely and Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I've just posted too and had a quick look at my blog page to make sure it all looked OK, & found a new post from you. I'm glad you like. My glue gun was always falling too, & I saw some on Pinterest & showed hubby & away he went to make one for me & DD. You saw mine & commented, but I sort of ignored it, so you wouldn't know what I was up to.(giggle). It must be a day of finding old things, as I also posted about something I found. Thank you for the thanks & hope you enjoy. Love the rug & the old cushions. Take care & huggles.

  2. friends are so breathtakingly kind sometimes

  3. How lovely for you - the dresser sounds wonderful!

  4. Lucky girl- I'm sure you more than deserved it!

  5. Kindness always comes round.......so pleased as I know your feelings about your kitchen. Look forward to seeing it in situ. xx

  6. Blanket coming along beautifully; as for the dresser for your kitchen, sounds very posh!

  7. Glad to hear you've been on the receiving end of kindness...looking forward to meeting your new dresser! x

  8. Gifts are such wonderful things because they are more than just the thing itself aren't they.

  9. PS. Meant to say it was lovely to be reminded of bloukope, forgotten all about them. xx

  10. That snuggle rug is looking beautiful. x


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