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January 2017's Scavenger Hunt

The exotic fragrance of incense,
delicious to some,
a turn off for others.
Some scents are so evocative of holidays,
camping, home and family.
Others invigorate, stimulate and
then there are those..that..make..me..wonder..

I looked up the definition of twilight, 
and once I had waded through the pages and pages of the television programme stuff,
it said ...
the soft glowing light from the sky
when the sun is below the horizon,
caused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere

When we were on holiday on Uist last summer,
we didn't want the magic to end.
We stayed out until it was too dark to see
and were rewarded with the most beautiful sunsets
and twilight.
They are etched on my heart and dance in my memories.
We need to go back.

It starts with a ...F
Not a particularly exciting photo
but yesterday it so cold that our usual dog stop
proved to be a bowl of Frozen Water.
Moss and I had walked to meet Youngest,
Icy cheeked and Frozen Fingered, we strode out to keep warm,
covering the icy ground rapidly.
On the way back, a thirsty dog led the way
to her usual stop,
a bowl kindly left out by a dog friendly house.
Only today it was an ice lolly!

Stranded high about the tide line, three derelict wooden fishing boats
languish, surrounded by rotting seaweed and slippery mud.
We'd been camping on Skye and on one rather damp day,
we drove out to explore.

I was spoilt for choice for signs,
we often take photographs as they amuse, 
shock or inform.
This one came to mind because it suffers 
a serious case of ex-
cessively spaced 'kerning'.

Have you lo-
cated the guilty word yet? 

Although not known for it's scorching days,
it's energy sapping weather,
Scotland still surprises with days that feel almost African in texture.
The sound of the grasshoppers grating out a tune,
the rustle of crisp grass in the dry air,
the reflected warmth off the hot ground.

Days like these are precious
and remind me of home.

It starts with a ...J
My dearest Himself gave me this beautiful fishy Jug for my birthday last year.
I do love it so.

As we trudged and slipped through the muddy field,
filled with standing puddles and deep ruts,
we came to a junction of pathways....
and this aptly carved stone marker.
Part of the Wyre Way walk,
this marker celebrated the lapwings
that live in the area.

In flower now
On the lane behind our house, up towards Moss' favourite running space,
is a scrubby bit of land that I suspect used to be gardened years ago.
In the midst of the undergrowth is a lanky Daphne,
her sweet sweet perfume fills the air,
I take a deep breathe every time we pass by.

Your own choice
'Doing a Lucy'
Thursday late afternoon and in poor light,
I took my crochet blanket outside
and laid it out on our lane,
the only place I could find to take a photo of my blankie.

Yes, I have mismatched socks on,
I usually do.


  1. I love your lot & so different to mine, with one exception. We both came up with jugs for J. Poor Moss trying to drink the icy water. Your blankie looks great and doing a Lucy is something I've not thought of, but will keep it in mind for photos occasionally. Is the daphne out right now? We have 2 in front of our bedroom window & they smell divine in flower. Think your twilight captures the moment better than mine (sob). Thanks for hosting & take care.

  2. Where did the month go? How on earth can it already be time for your photos? A lovely selection, as always ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿพ

  3. I can't believe we are reaching the end of January already!

    The stone marker is beautiful, there is one field on our way to Lancaster where we see lapwings. Last week there were a couple of lesser seen birds there - along with some very long camera lenses!

  4. Lovely pictures as usual. Yes we loc-ated the word. Do you remember the one outside a museum in Durban on a sandwich board that said Still-ettoes were not to be worn inside.
    Blankie looking very good though to be honest the first comment we both made when looking at the picture was.........odd socks!! xx

  5. Great photos! Good interpretation and loved the Jugs for J (ditto F for Frozen!). Of course it was perfect to have odd socks when taking a photo of your beautiful blanket. It has grown since I last saw it. Nothing wrong with odd socks!

  6. I have very much enjoyed looking at your photographs as I tentatively step back into the blogosphere. Your blanket looks lovely. Gorgeous colours. X

  7. Gorgeous selection of images, thank you very much! Despite having momentarily stepped out of the 'hunt' it's very lovely to still be able to enjoy the results of yours... xx

  8. Oh my ...Twilight and Heat are the favourites today for me!! I have been preoccupied with new pup and hubbys knee surgery to even stop by this lovely blog but I am slowly climbing back in the saddle with camera in tow and hopefully will join you soon!

  9. Lovely photos, love the jug with the pretty flowers

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. Great photographs - the sunset is just spectacular - I love beaches when the tide is out - And incense is one of my favourite smells - especially around Christmas ..
    I missed the list this month - must pay more attention lol but it's still lovely to catch up with what everyone is doing.

  11. What lovely finds! I really love the carved bird!


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