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Things we do

There are somethings that never change yet are never the same. 

Our chrimbly card delivery walk is a perfect example.  

Ever since we moved to the village (17 years ago ... where does life go?) we hand deliver as many cards as we can. The week before,  cards are written, wreathes made, then on the Sunday, we wrap up and walk out.

The route is initially dictated by the addresses we need to deliver too and over the years it has altered slightly. The weather also plays a major factor in our choice of path. One winter we galloped round in torrential rain, we left the boys at home and just took a giddy dog. There have been delivery days through deep snow and sledges, dank grey skies days with boys wrapped up warmly, bright blue brittle icy days or gentle, thin blue cold finger days.

Sunday was this year's delivery day. We were only three plus dog this time. Wrapped up against the cutting breeze we set out, past houses with jolly lights and doors decorated with wreathes. A handful of cards dropped off we jumped over puddles (Moss jumped into them) up the stone steps and up up the hill to drop another. We turned off the road down a narrow 'secret' pathway, snaking its way down below the cottage gardens, popping out by the chicken pens. Down another muddy track, through a field, Moss playing playing, never tiring - asking for more.

Across the main road, up into another field, up up that hill, step into another sneaky path behind a row of terraced houses. Drop off a wreath and cards, chat and leave best wishes. Onwards up the hill, up up and on to the playing fields at the top of the village. Dogs and their walkers making the best in the break in the weather, filled the space. We walked diagonally across the huge field entering another farmland track. Slip and slide our way down another muddy field and re-enter the village from the far side. Time to start delivering cards again. 

Daylight is fading, homes are switching on their lights, making the street look cozy. Trees twinkle through windows and fairy lights adorn front gardens. More cards left, nearly home. We've been out for almost two hours and we are so ready for a mug of tea and mince pie by the fire.

Time to switch our tree and lights on. Another festive ritual completed and there is a slightly damp happy dog fast asleep toasting her toes by the fire.

Wishing you all a love filled festive time,
where skies are blue - whether they are icy cold or brilliantly warm,
blessings xx


  1. What a fun tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our hand delivered cards are few and far between. The DP delivers and so far it has been too dark too wet and too windy. Still time tho!

  3. It is often the way, that it is the most simple of traditions that make Christmas special. Thank you for sharing one of yours. X

  4. Your walk sounds wonderful. Its lovely to keep traditions going

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. That's a lovely tradition. We did some hand deliveries at the wknd too. Making the most of some fine weather on Sunday, and put the tree up. X

  6. A beautiful post, full of love and fun.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. What a lovely story Kate & thanks for sharing. Nothing like our Christmas, but then I expect you know that. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  8. Just what a festive ritual should be, none of this massive panic-buying-consumerism overload :-)

    There was a silly meme going around yesterday which made me smile - said something like "Get out and buy food to last 27 days! The shops will be shut for 12 hours".

  9. Wishing you a Merry Christmastime
    A lovely tradition

  10. Tranditions are wonderful!! Wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas time!!


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