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What we do in between the showers.

After days of rain, although dry today - the air is thick with moisture.
The ground oozes and creaks as water moves through the saturated earth. 
Springs and streams burble joyously regurgitating their watery loads.
 We follow a damp muddy farmland track through glistening wet fields. 
The hedges and copses look sparse in their winter garb while the old trees seem to reach up 
and scratch the thin sky.
As we walk, we talk and relish the solitude.
Our path keeps leading us to and away from the railway - although still used, is quiet today. 
Strewn along the way is evidence of things from a more industrial past.
Sitting on the edge of a dried oxbow lake, 
we drink tea and eat mincepies as we watch Youngest and Moss play. 
The scars on the landscape just hint at the history of the valley. 
Shadows left from a Roman villa, lynchets, dried river beds, ancient hedgerows and tracks.
The canal is also quiet. A few ducks rest on the far side. 
A row of geese preen before settling down for the night.
One narrow-boat moored up, gently chuffing out a strand of smoke into the cool air.
As the light fades, the temperature drops and the sky becomes fiery.
My feet are tired, as am I 
but I feel elated,
feel whole
feel alive. 

I hope that this week of chrimbo-limbo
has been good to you
and good for you.

blessings x


  1. Love your descriptions of your walk I was with you!

  2. A lovely walk and great photos, thanks for sharing :)

  3. What a lovely walk & your photos are amazing. THANK YOU!!!!! Raining here at the moment & only 18deg in our part of Victoria, after some days of scorching heat. We've not seen the last of the warmth yet, I expect. Talk soon. Take care & huggles.

  4. A beautiful walk. We've been fortunate that, although dark and gloomy here, it has been dry enough to get out for a walk every day.
    I hope you and your family enjoyed a lovely Christmas. X

  5. I'd had my fingers crossed that you'd do a post soon about a walk so thanks! I managed to see a distant glimpse of Moss; bet she was muddy but happy at the end of the walk.

  6. Thank you, I enjoyed sharing that walk....at least my boots were cleaner than yours! A brew and mince pie...bliss!!. :) x

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk and pictures.

  8. We enjoyed two short walks this weekend, we needed it to blow the cobwebs away after a very dull and damp Christmas.
    Happy New Year x

  9. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful journey! Love these photos! Wishing a wonderful new year in 2019 for you and your family.

  11. Brilliant, as always, m'dear.
    "chrimbo-limbo" - fantastic, I may have to borrow that :-)

    Blessings to you and yours for 2019, hoping it brings you much love, laughter, health and happiness. xx

  12. Thank you for the virtual walk, just what I needed

    Julie xxxxxxxx


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