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New Year new day

Today dawned beautifully - the sky glowed the most delicate blue and not a cloud was to be seen, it was a joy to be outside. Himself and I wordlessly drank our mugs of tea as we sat in the (relatively) early morning silence. The rest of the family still asleep - even Moss.
The first thing we did for 2019? 
We went into the garden and carefully cleared away winter debris. We didn't want to disturb anything small and beetle shaped whilst hibernating - I even managed to turn the compost - a job I'd been saving for a (non)rainy day.

Then after lunch we went for a walk. I had been initially intrigued by then inspired by Sharon from Sunshine and Celandines  when she mentioned #walk1000miles on her blog during 2018. After a little investigation I decided that I was going to sign up and join in.  Youngest set up on my cellphone a walking/speed/altitude monitor  (the company pitch says built by athletes for athletes .... and me - a plodder!) so I can keep a real time record of my route, steps, speed and more importantly - distance.

The clear cool air was sublime. It seemed that half the village were also making the most of the day - we all were relishing the beauty and clarity of it all.

New Year went quietly too - as planned, we are not into the hype and hullabaloo and never have been - so today's gentle start to 2019 seemed just perfect.

I have a good feeling about this year xxx


  1. Lovely pictures of your walk. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year...

  2. A good start to the year.

  3. I've also been pondering Sharon's walking agenda, but I sure don't know how to do anything about keeping tabs on what I might be clocking up in kilometres. As you know I'm not very tech savvy. The walk looks lovely in that sunshine. We also don't do the New Year bit, but were kept awake by some loud music & several bouts of "illegal" fireworks. Won't be out & about here on Friday though, as it is forecast to reach 41deg. Take care.

  4. Love the photos, intrigued by this walking app may have to go google it!

  5. Good luck with your long walk! That's about 3 miles a day so attainable! I hope you will post updates. I'll not be taking part but,ought keep a tally of my miles!

  6. A walk AND gardening . . . well done!

    I thought the '1000 miles' walk originated at Ilona's Meanqueen blog? Guess I am wrong? It is a good idea though and I put new battery in my pedometer :) Just 4 miles yesterday but I am pleased with that.

  7. Glad your inspired. You will be surprised how many miles you do anyway, especially with a dog. Good Luck! X

  8. How wonderful to be able to do all that walk. It's very good for your health. We go to the gym about 3 times per week in a town nearby. Friends of ours from Iowa send letter saying they trekked from Amsterdam to Vienna and that made me incredibly envious. They are older than we are. He was our pastor way back in time.

  9. Happy New Year

    Looked a lovely walk

    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. What a lovely blue sky, very grey here. We had a walk but DS informed me I only managed 4000 steps. I hope 2019 is delightful for you both in business and pleasure x

  11. Glorious weather....if you can get out it even if the weather doesn't play ball it helps during this sometimes difficult time of year. Look forwards to seeing all the quirky stuff you find on your rambles. Not aiming for 1000 miles but am planning on building on last's years increased walks. Arilx

  12. Love the idea of walk 1000. Looks like you started on a good day :)B x


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