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Words for February

It is, I have to say, a little chilly here in the north of England, certainly to be expected for this time of year and no way as deep frozen as north America. But as I sit here with my foot up (I went and sprained my ankle yesterday .... groan) and the woodburner tickling away - I am feeling cold.

Any hoo - enough self indulgent nonsense.

Thank you everyone who joined in with January's Scavenger Hunt - some cracking photos and stories and some lovely new hunters.
Welcome to our little corner of the blogisphere :)

February is just around the corner (ok ok - it is tomorrow) so I thought as it is such a short month I better crack on and give you the next lot of words ... ready? Good. February's words are going to be a little 'different' - let me explain.

I shall be listing words that are not 'tangible' for example ...SOUND.

How do you photo sound? Well - the obvious ones are a radio or a TV, but how about a river burbling over rocks, a bird singing, a rock concert or a grandchild nattering away ten to the dozen.

Get the picture? 

Ok here goes:

My own choice

I can hear your collective intake of breath as you read these! They are not as hard as you think .

SMELL - could be a photo of a gorgeous rose or a pile of horse muck ready to be spread, TASTE could be that amazing meal you had in the restaurant last week when you celebrated your birthday, or it could be a rather 'interesting taste' in furniture or clothing.
SEE/SIGHT could be a favourite view or a quick snap of a strange sight.

So use all five of your senses and think outside of the box and enjoy!

We shall reconvene on Friday 1st March where we can share and show our results - until then I shall leave you with a photo of my garden and studio taken yesterday morning - at the moment I live and work in Narnia :)


  1. Love Narnia! I also like your Scavenger Hunt ideas.

  2. Ummm!!! Well, that's got me thinking? I love your snowy wonderland, though I can't complain "heat" this morning. Although we have more very hot weather to come over the weekend, I'm sitting here eating brekky & it is 7.6 outside at 7am. Lovely! Thanks for the words, take care & look after that foot.

  3. Your winter wonderland looks lovely (from my side of the screen).
    Thanks for the Feb words, interesting....

  4. A good, challenging set of words! Too tired to come up with any ideas but there is always tomorrow!

  5. Those words look very challenging. Thinking outside the box!! My box is empty, inside and out! xxx

  6. Great words. Your photo does look like Narnia.

  7. This seems like fun...I may have to find a way to be part of this. Your place is beautiful.


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