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Not for the faint of heart....

Look away now if you are squeamish.....

But first, a bit of a back story.

I have, if I say so myself, rather slender delicate ankles - the kind you look at and think ... hmmm ... very nice.

The rest of me looks down at my ankles with a certain amount of envy and wishes their slender and delicate nature was indicative of me as a whole. But no - the rest of me is just downright envious of my ankles with their angles and curves and their slenderness ..... until that is...now.

My left ankle has taken on the personae of Jabba the Hutt's not much smaller sister ...  Image result for jabba the hutt
You don't believe me?
check this lot out ....
Can you see the family resemblance?

My poor left ankle can not believe what has happened and the rest of me is like ... deal with it fatty! mwuhahahahah!

And for those who have managed to stay without feeling the need for reaching the smelling salts, a fan and a convenient seat I shall explain what happened.

I tipped sideways into a hole (a small divot - not much bigger than a saucer) which was cheekily hidden beneath a layer of snow. Youngest and I walked into town last week - it was a beautifully icy wintery day with shockingly blue skies and sparkly snowy hills.

I was admiring said natural beauty when the rather sneaky - previously mentioned - small hole leapt out and sharply grabbed my slender and delicate left ankle. For a few moments it was just not the sky that was blue.  !//**!!~#!!

When I got home (bravely limping and cussing) - I pulled Jabba's sister out of my boot. Owie owie owie!


So you can imagine it has kinda scuppered my #walk1000miles somewhat.

Now, several days later, still limping and sporting a elasticated support bandage and a grimace, I took my ankle out for a walk - I was going stir crazy at my self-imposed house arrest.

Himself, Youngest and I went to Skipton Woods to find the sculptures and walk amongst trees, listen to tumbling water, marvel at ice coated twigs and breath some cool fresh air.

We saw grazing horses,
...even managed to stroke a muscled neck.
We followed a well trod, well maintained path through sleeping trees and alongside gurgling streams. Crusting ice decorated the edges of the leat adding another layer to the reflections in the water.
We found the Medieval huntress as she raised her bow and aimed carefully. She did not blink her eye and was not distracted by our presence.  
Along the way I spotted a carved bench down by the river. Adorned with kingfishers and a giraffe - I was confused by the inclusion of an African animal until I saw a small metal plaque. Then I knew

A little more sombre we walked on, beneath the castle high on a narrow ridge flanked by water on both sides.
Once in Skipton we found a corner alongside the canal and stopped for lunch.
A local tried his luck and when he noticed we had Moss with us
he hurled abuse and foul words at us
and rattled his little fist
while we chuckled at his antics.
Then after he'd said his worst words, he came back down and 
continued to patrol his patch.
Muttering dark and catty things at a blissfully unaware dog.
We returned back along the path beneath the castle,
past the huntress, still poised and steady,
past the bench with the giraffe and kingfishers,
past the stone poetry seat covered in rock hard ice.
Through the sleeping trees
and over the chortling brooks.
Up the steps and along the paths.
Back to the car.
My ankle was tired.
But we'd managed a whole 3.3 miles, Jubba the Hutt's not so small sister and me :)

Now - feet up
(no really - my foot is up
 - being elevated to help reduce that squodgy mess that.is.my.left.ankle
fire on, brew to hand and happy.
(despite that blue/green/grey hue)

Bring on Monday!


  1. Poor you. But you did manage a walk of sorts. But there are still many months of this year left for you to catch up. Don't despair as I know you will make the 1,000 miles!

  2. Ouch! fair play to you for managing 3 miles - I'm impressed. That horse is beautiful by the way , - I love finding sculptures in the woods. Bet better soon

  3. That walk looks absolutely fabulous & I want to do it. I love Skipton, but still not visited the castle or woods. Your photos & words meant so much, I could imagine it all & had a good giggle too along the way. Even made K listen to me reading out titbits. The horse is AMAZING!!!! I didn't realise it was that bad when you said you'd a sprained ankle. Doesn't look good, but like you I need to get out, though we've not done much just lately due to the heat & now we are covered in smoke from the bushfires & I keep sneezing & getting quite thick in the head. Hopefully this cooler weather will bring relief & the smoke will pass. Not started my 1000miles, but will have to get a wriggle on & find something to tell me what I've achieved. Take care & don't overdo the walking till it's better. Huggles.

  4. Oh poor you. You managed a little walk though, I love the willow sculptures and the wood carvings
    Hope your ankle feels better soon

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Your ankle does look rather bruised and battered. I'm sorry to hear you've been in pain but I have to admit your description of it and how you did it made me smile - I hope it's getting better, and at least you have managed a short-ish walk. I love the horse sculpture and the cat in the tree, and Moss just looks adorable :)

  6. Oh you poor darling, when you emailed and said "bit of a twisted ankle" I didn't imagine it would be like THIS :( 🚑

    My first thought when I saw your photo was that you had broken it, but I guess a 3+ mile walk means you haven't. But you must rest, and let the tissue heal. 👩‍⚕️

    I also want to go to Skipton Woods!! 🐴

    1. Oh my sweet - I am made of fairly bendy stuff but thank you for being concerned! Happily today my ankle is the least swollen it has been since the initial wrench. Glad to say that the colour is less repulsive too - but yes, rest is certainly on the cards xx

  7. Oh I'm so sorry. What a pain ( literally), I hope your poor foot returns to perfect health soon.
    Thanks for showing me some new local( ISH) sculptures though. They look amazing! X

  8. Ouch! Hope it heals soon. I've seen The Huntress on FB. Wondered where it was and now I know!

  9. Love the sculptures, they are so realistic. Hope ankle continues to get better...don't overdo it! There is no hurry for the 1000 miles. xx

  10. ouchy ouch.....good that the bruise is coming out, healing is happening slowly. Take care and rest lots.

  11. I am so sorry abt your ankle. Your adventures look like fun though.


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