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The crunch of beech leaves beneath my feet

Today the air was crisp with a sharp nip to it. The earth was cool and damp and trees were resting. We walked through the wooded valley of Hardcastle Crags - a National Trust property. Even rotting trees and the fallen branches had an extraordinary beauty. The bird song although not prolific was a delicate background to the burbling rivers and crunch of the leaves and twigs beneath our feet.
There were hints and quiet suggestions of buds and shoots all around - little tips of spring forging ahead courtesy of the mild weather.
Others walked with their dogs or families too - all in their own way, celebrating the protective enclosure the sleeping trees seemed to give.

When we reached the mill - our turning point to the walk - the air seemed impossibly still and because the cafe had just closed, the more sedentary visitors were shuffling off back to the car park. We went round to the mill pond and it was mirror calm. The reflections were perfect - mirror perfect.

Before I go - 
Just in case you think I had forgotten -
January's words :)

My own choice

And a gentle reminder how to join in.
All you need to do is be inspired by the list.
It can be a current image or one from your archives
interpret it as YOU please - think outside the box, 
think laterally, take photos
 and most importantly - have FUN!

Ok, it is now down to YOU - we shall reconvene and and reveal our pictures with a little bit of waffle, over the final weekend of January (starting Friday 25th).
How exciting is that! 
I can't wait to see what we all come up with!



  1. Wow what beautiful photos. You definitely have a great eye. I love that top photo with the trees. Just beautiful.

  2. Kate, you are whetting my appetite all the time with those lovely walks. I've read about that walk in my little AA guide called "50 Walks in the Yorkshire Dales". Is the mill, Gibsons's Mill? I think you & Jayne may have started something with the reflections thing.
    Thanks for our words, though only 4 and our own choice? Look forward to it. Take care.

    1. Ah - thanks for letting me know - there should have been (and there now is) the usual five words xx

  3. I love reflections in the water. When we went to Ironbridge a few years back I remember the bridge reflected made a complete circle.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Perfect indeed.. good to have few interruptions to be really able to look at a place

  5. What gorgeous, perfect reflections, just calling out for photographs to be taken. Thanks again for sharing your walk with us. xx

  6. Hardcastle Craggs, another place I've not been to.... It looks good. Thanks for the word list; now I don't have to ask you!

  7. Great photos, the reflection are fantastic :)

  8. These photos with the reflections are just amazing! Thank you.

  9. Tee hee, poor Eunice (Tigermouse) having to stand on her head to look at your reflections. Great photos. xxx


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