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My day measured in mugs of tea

Good morning!
The initial mug in the morning is made for me,  it is about the first thing I reach for as I stumble into the kitchen. Dressed but still asleep. I try to drink it fairly quickly, particularly this time of year - the kitchen is cold, slow to warm - quick to cool, so a mug of steaming of tea is a fleeting pleasure and should not be ignored.

My first mug is a painting of mine, made for a left handed user - me. So many mugs do not even consider a left-handed owner. 

My next is usually an hour later - a solitary brew of coffee - savoured in my tall 'Miro' Japanese style no handled mug. Perfect for wrapping cold hands around a warm vessel.  After that I return to tea.

When I am in the studio I take a humongous flask of hot water out with me and up to lunch time I quietly sip or slurp a mug roughly every hour as I work on my latest project or commission. It is that comfort thing of reaching for a warm drink as I ponder my next move or lean back to assess my progress. Mug in hand.

After lunch, Moss and I set off to add to our #walk1000miles challenge and once back,  I quietly drink a fresh hot drink in my large hare mug - recently a hot chocolate (all I have really been able to taste for the last couple of weeks) - and observe the birds through the window as they flit to and fro the bird table before I return to painting/carving/needle felting/writing/sketching.

The afternoon usually flies by - accompanied by a mug or two (some times three ...) then by 4 I start to tidy up, leaving my workbench ready for the next day and return home.

The family fall through the back door, the dog is ravenous as is the husband. The kettle is on as we chat and catch up - for me my smaller bone china mug, for him his favourite chunky mug. Then we eat.
Later, nestled on the settee, fire crackling away, something on the tv or radio quietly chuntering away in the background - we have the last mug of the day - Tea.


  1. I'm a tea drinker too. Love your mugs

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I like fruit tea or lemon and ginger. I also like black coffee. If your asking. ;)
    Hope you are feeling better now. X

  3. I drink tea in the morning and coffee occasionally. I got used to drinking tea awhile living in Zimbabwe. I like the dark bold tea with about 1/4 of milk. No sugar. Your mugs are so pretty.

  4. Isn't is wonderful to drink from favorite cups/mugs during the day. I too enjoy special vessels for my coffee and tea.

  5. I love the idea of a different mug for different times of the day. Me, I just use my one bone china with black cat that I have left out of a set of two. I love it so much other mugs get ignored. xx

  6. There is something comforting about drinking out of a favourite mug. I need to brew myself a mug of tea now that I've read this post. X

  7. No way could I drink so many brews in a day, I'd never be off the loo :)

  8. Goodness me, that sounds like me with not quite so many cups of tea. No 1 in the morning with breakfast is a cup of tea, then mid-morning my coffee in a handle less mug, the lunch a cup of tea, maybe a camomile, peppermint or ordinary tea at 3.30pm, then my obligatory cup of ginger & lemon with our evening meal. Before I go to bed, it's a hot Milo. I too only like hot/warm water to sip through the day. Ice cold? Not for me. I'd never thought about pretty mugs as being any "handedness"(is that a word?) for their pretty pictures & as you know I'm ambidextrous, due to not being allowed to be left handed. Thanks for a lovely post & take care. BTW, hope I get the hunt done, as with temps tomorrow of over 43deg(too, too hot), we may have blackouts, so I may do mine early.

  9. Cheers .... i'm just partaking of my final cup of tea of the day. I'm with you on the left handed mugs, i'm a leftie too.

  10. I'm with Tigermouse! Where do you put it all? I struggle to drink enough fluid each day and stick to hot water for most of the time. There are so many pretty mugs available to buy these days, so tempting but my cupboard is full and there are others in another cupboard....

  11. Beautiful :-) Such a gentle, evocative description of your day. Love your 'miro' mug, not seen that before.

    Your day, and drinks, are very similar to mine, made me smile. xx


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