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In which a little bit of magic occurs .....

On Friday afternoon, I was itching for a walk but the weather was not playing nicely - wet and windy and most definitely chilly. In the end I asked if we could still go despite the driech wet stuff flying past our windows saying that it would do us some good. There was a modicum of dark mutterings from the younger member our walking pack but the dog and Himself were certainly happy to go out.  So glad we did. 

There be unicorns and dryads in them thar woods,
witches both wicked and true,
hobgoblins and weredogs with scaly tails and horns.
Bats, witch-hunters and
mist twirling through the trees.

What a brilliant little trail :)


Pendle Sculpture Trail, Aiken Wood, Barley.


  1. You're the second person to post about this just recently. I'm not into witches and goblins and stuff but I do love the unicorn, it's gorgeous and your close-up shot of it is wonderful :)

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! I actually went again on Sunday with my sister's family. Love those new sculptures. :)

  3. Lovely Kate & I've not long commented on Shazza,s blog, that I've put Pendle Hill on our to do list. It certainly is fascinating. I can't wait to see it for real & take photos tooo. Take care.

  4. That looks absolutely wonderful and I would love to see it for myself!

  5. How lovely! I go out in all weathers. There is always something to see, perhaps not Unicorns! But I feel so much more mentally balanced having gone out.

  6. Amazing photographs, looked like a very interesting walk.

  7. What unusual sculptures! Certainly liven up a walk!

  8. I love those amazing atmospheric photos, they are wonderful.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. I have mentioned this walk to Beloved and I patiently wait! Yesterday I suggested a walk up to Pinhaw trig point and he took me to Coldstones Cut; but that is an equally brilliant place to visit. Free parking too!

  10. That looks wonderful - I love the goblin

  11. Whatn terrific fun, did Youngest enjoy himself once you were out?

  12. That looks like a great place to walk! Is it near enough to you that you go often?

  13. What a lovely place to walk. So many new sculptures now. Thanks for sharing. xx

  14. Great treats you spied on your trek through the woodlands.
    Moss looks so at home on the seat.


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