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Festive Advent Calendar doors 16 to 20


A small piece of yule cake, wrapped ready to slip into a pocket as we go out for a walk.

Wintery Scene

Tree before and after
At small 'twig tree' before and after :)

Mincepie - nom nom nom

The next five are.....

Nativity Scene
A Christmas Carol from YouTube
A Christmas cartoon from YouTube

Julie of Julie's Journal & Scrapbook


  1. Love the twig tree, Perhaps I will do something like that this year. Going to try and make some mince pies today if this cold lets me!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Beautiful photographs, Kate. I would love to read more about 'carols.' Is it an event close to you? X

  3. Lovely Kate & do I remember the car park is where we were parked when we visited in 2016? Take care.

  4. Ohh mince pie! I always want some when I see photos but I have never had any or made one myself! Everything looks lovely! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


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