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Festive Advent Calendar Doors 1 - 5

Treasured Decoration

Festive recipe

Hand made card

Festive pet

Family tradition - mince pie eating competition
Himself vs the world
(world usually comes second) ....
He has been known to eat over 300 during a December.
So now you know (chortle)

The next five words are ....
 Festive themed shop window
Snowman - real or otherwise
Xmas stamp


  1. You make me feel very festive indeed.

  2. Hello I'm a new follower to your blog. I enjoy seeing what you come up with for the words. Thanks for sharing your photos. Love the kitty. Too cute.

  3. The houses are beautiful, very Scandinavian looking. My, 300 plus mince pies in a month is good going. Happy December eating :) B x

  4. But he never gains any weight! So unfair...... Love the festive pet!

  5. I love your card Kate and your houses :)

  6. Lovely Kate, especially the card & cat. Take care & huggles.

  7. Welcome the card. Think I might be able to rival your hubby in the mince pie eating, I'm a fan too and eat lots!

  8. Great photos, I love mince pies, and as soon as Morrison's have the Puff Pastry ones (about September) I buy them! Doing the Advent has given me an idea for next year.......thank you.
    Julie xxxx

  9. I love your beautiful card and your arts. thank you for sharing!


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