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Oh crumbs - countdown 2


Thank you for your lovely comments - they certainly made me smile and I have to say that I enjoyed visiting the other Advent blogs too - Julie's Scrapbook has links to them - why don't you pop over and take a look :) 

As I mentioned - Two.

Some time ago we decided to venture quite far in to Scotland and find ourselves away from the maddening crowd. 

We chose - the  Kintyre Peninsula.  Himself had visited as a child and he harboured memories of it being wild, remote and so very very far away. It sounded perfect!

As we were not sure what sort of shops we would find we stocked our 'van with every conceivable form of our favourite camping foods including .... part baked breads.

Oh these are an amazing treat.  The scent of freshly baked baguettes wafting across a field first thing in the morning as we gazed at the sea is hard to beat and it was virtually impossible not to slaver in anticipation.

We baked them and ate them hot, we toasted them and munched them with butter and marmalade dripping down our fingers.  We nibbled on them cold, filled with cheeses and salads, sitting on the beach and we dunked them into mugs of soup.  Bliss.
Needless to say - since Himself had last been to the Kintyre Peninsula, things like supermarkets have moved in and despite the remoteness of our holiday, within a 20 minute drive we were able to restock our baguette hord - which is a good thing really seeing how quickly we demolished them......

The little photo on the bottom right is one I took of a telegraph pole.  It staggers me that EaCH and EvErY pole in Britain has some form of tagging - just think of the man hours to do that.



  1. That's the sort of daft thing we used to do but the freshly baked smell whilst on holiday is well worth it :-}

    In years gone by I have been known to take the bread-maker with us to remote self-catering cottages. During one stay in Torridon, when the nearest tiny shop was a 25 mile round trip away, it was definitely worth it.

  2. They look yummy! Do you get the smell of fresh bread whilst they are baking?
    Julie xxxx

  3. No 2 already! That seems so quick. Now I wish I had an oven in our van to do parbaked bread, but alas we only have cooktop and grill. Never mind, we still enjoy getting away in it when we can. Take care.

    1. Susan, if you have electric hook-up when you are in the van, then have you considered a small Halogen Oven? We used to have one in our little campervan and they are very versatile. I can also confirm you can do part-baked rolls in them :-} Hope you're keeping well.

  4. Fresh baked bread...heavenly smell.

  5. Oh wow, that would be some form of tagging!!!!!!!!!!!x

  6. Mmmm, fresh baked bread in the early morning. Gorgeous. Yes, I too have thought the individual marking of telegraph poles must be a bit undertaking. xx

  7. Never tried part-baked baguettes but now I think I must; one just cannot beat the smell of fresh baked bread at home.. then again bluebells and honeysuckle smell wonderful too.

  8. Hmm can't beat the smell of baking bread. :)


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