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☁☁Just thought I'd mention...☁☁

Last week - in case nobody had noticed - was rather wet. 
The sort of wet, when you just can not see through your windscreen despite the wipers doing their best to swish away the rain.
It was the type of wet that left my fringe plastered to my head and my mascara leaving black trails down my cheeks* despite the fact I was fully suited and booted and all I was doing was dashing from my car into work. Fields have flooded, roads were impassable and I discovered that my car can lift and briefly float when the wake left as I carefully drove through a lake-size puddle, rebounded off the roadside walls and returned back towards me....nice.

The homeward journey was the most fun, I say that rather lightly, as many other drivers seemed either oblivious that they had their lights on full, therefore blinding any on-coming traffic or had no lights on at all therefore rendering themselves a moving target!

So in an effort to quieten my mind after the drive home, then a couple of hours study,
I have been knitting.

Inspired by a very thoughtful gift - thank you Angelina of Blue and Yellow Morning, who gifted me a completely unexpected spiral knitted scarf.

So, I thought I'd cast on.
There, feeling much better already.

Thank you.

*Have now bought waterproof mascara - NoThInG is going to get this gloopy black stuff off!!


  1. Wow that scarf is beautiful
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Glad you are liking your scarf. Yours is looking good. Loving my new name :-)

  3. Lovely colours. Looks fun to knit too. xx

  4. What gorgeous water blue yarn! it is Very wet today. I know this as I had to peel my wet jeans off when I got home from the dentist. and then ring them out..........

  5. That yarn is so scrummy and the scarf is a very interesting shape. Look forward to seeing what yours looks like. Oh, the drive home sounds woeful, though I'm sure you were very careful. Have a great weekend and take care.

  6. Lovely wool, and nice scarf growing

  7. Seems the only sensible thing to do when the elements outside defeat you. I am loving the shape of that scarf, looks like a tricky pattern πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  8. Really lovely colours, it's going to look great when it's finished.
    We have a wonderfully wet, windy, dreary, November day here today, just right for hibernating.

  9. Wow! We've had some crazy rain here too but now it is clear, crisp and cold...the perfect ingredients for 'making'. Love the colours of the wool...stay afloat!!

  10. The colour of your yarn is beautiful. Here's hoping the weather gives us a break very soon. X

  11. Must have a go at the spiral scarf..... it is still wet here, not as wet but still toooooo wet. I suppose the wet it better than a load of snow......


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