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A Sweaty start to November

Yes, I fully understand that it is not an attractive title but seeing I was dripping and I mean dripping (not just perspiring) but DRIPPING on the first day of November in the Northern HEMISPHERE - then you will agree - a sweaty start is the PERFECT title.
After our Samhain celebrations - it seemed only fitting to get out on the hills and make the most of our rather benign autumnal weather.

Himself, Youngest and I set off and very quickly we had to remove our jerseys and don our sunnies. We cheerfully commented at how pleasant it was for so late in the year. (How quickly that changed to 'good grief I am ***** hot!')
Each small woodland was gratefully found and lingered in as we walked through.
By our lunch stop, I stripped off my socks and boots and sank my feet into the wet meadow grass. Youngest rolled up his trousers and flopped backwards and lay down. Our lunch was eaten at a leisurely pace, we could not muster the energy to leap up and carry on  - not just yet!
As we walked higher up through the farm land, eventually reaching the moors, we were completely encased by brilliant blue skies.
Another stop was unanimously agreed and we sat in the late afternoon sun - still feeling hot and entirely grateful for the moorland breeze. I finally felt cool enough to put on my newly finished hat!
 I am not as fully enamoured with it as I had anticipated. But, but - it will make a suitable autumn hat (when it finally cools down!) as it is a 'short hat'. More of a close fitting beanie than I usually choose.  I do, however, like the mixture of textures and learnt how to do the Kitchener stitch when I grafted the front and back panels together.
After Himself had taken the photos, we reluctantly left our lovely cool spot to continue our walk, we knew that we would have to set off as despite the present delicious and unseasonably warm weather, as soon as the sun set it would cool down rapidly.
We dropped into the valley to walk through historic industrial archaeology. Mining shafts and buildings, areas scarred by man's activity on the landscape. Huge chimneys and tunnels, many gated to prevent the curious venturing deep into the earth.
Amongst all the piles of stones, mining detritus and buildings - a lone tree.
Couriously bent with it's own crutch. How extraordinary.
We lingered by the tree, wondering, wondering.
The evening light catching the grasses and the small flies enjoying the warm air. 
We reluctantly left, the sun was now behind the horizon and we were rapidly getting cold. What a contrast!

**Just heard on the news - today's temperature was the warmest ever recorded for a November, with the last warmest November being logged at 69 years ago. Hmmm - definitely a sweaty start to November!
Thank you for coming along on our walk - I do love sharing them with you xxxxxxx


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk and in such wonderful weather. Your hat looked great, complete with sun glasses!

  2. Thank you, enjoyed that walk, though we did not get sweaty like you did!! xx

  3. A great walk and, yes, we're having a very mild November. I remember my P7 teacher used to tell us off for saying we were sweating. He said 'horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow'!

  4. love the colour of that new hat!

  5. Just been looking at blog again. I love that gnarled old tree. Wonder what tales it could tell. Hat looks good too. xx

  6. I loved going along for the walk and trees can certainly achieve amazing shapes. The beanie looks good, but probably not the best for winter when you want to pulll it right down over your ears. The weather seems to be playing silly games everywhere, but enjoy the warmth whilst it lasts. Take care.

  7. Mother Nature is certainly playing tricks on us this Autumn. Such lovely scenery you admired. Nice hat!

  8. Love the tree. I cannot believe our recent weather, weird but wonderful. Long may it continue!

  9. Super walk, and very attractive hat, love the colours :-)

    Too warm here also, have gone back to the summer duvet, how mad is that?


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