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A thought. Any thoughts?

I have an issue.

I hate the fact I am getting older. I know that I am my own worst critic.

I act and feel as if I had never really left my twenties - which is great until I see a real life twenty-something or other look at me oddly and I realise that the face in the mirror is rather more lived in than I'd like it to be.

Oh - I don't want to be 20 again, but I wouldn't mind looking and feeling 20 though.

Just saying.

And you?

I am still trying hard with my Practising Gratitude and it does help...but not with the wrinkles!!!!


  1. strangely I don't mind the wrinkles but if I don't sleep well then it's not a pretty sight the next morning! My main issue is with my fading hair colour but I refuse to dye it, I shall just grow old disgracefully instead. The benefit of age is not caring what 20 somethings think - embrace it and enjoy yourself.

  2. I was pretty insecure in my twenties, and had dreadful fashion sense.........

  3. Yes, I know just how you feel. I'm a bit creakier (and heavier) than I used to be, and although my face is succumbing to wrinkles, funnily enough I like it more than I did in my twenties. I also value the experience and understanding which I have now and didn't then. The confidence that this has brought me is definitely a good thing, and it's nice to appreciate who I am as well as the things that make life good. I'm not sure I ever did that in my twenties.
    Cathy x

  4. I don't hate getting old, even the wrinkles are OK, but gee, the body certainly doesn't work the same. I just think to myself that we all age regardless, from the moment we come into this world. I basically feel the same as you and still have many dreams and fears, but just try and get on with life as it is. Take care and don't let it worry you too much. Not sure what I've said will help.

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  6. I turned 60 this month and really don't feel any different than in my 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's. The main differences I find is I am slower to recover from a good night out, being ill, on the plus side, I have so much more confidence of who I really am. These days age really does not matter, be yourself and if you get a few younger looks, sod them, you are who you are.

  7. Coincidentally we were having the same sort of conversation a few days ago......just add 25 to your figures!! They are not wrinkles, they are laughter lines and remember the saying, you are as young as you think and feel you are! xx

  8. There are a few things I dislike about getting older, but they are surface issues. Literally! :-) Like a previous commenter, my hair colour is fading, and I'm not too happy about that. I wouldn't mind if it went grey, but most of it just looks washed out. I also have battled with rosacea as I've gotten older, but have managed to keep that under control for the past couple of years.

    Aside from those things I have to say I quite like this time of life. I feel like this is, perhaps selfishly, my time of life. I have spent many years raising children and tending to the needs of others. Now I have the freedom to pursue some of the things I have put on hold for all those years.

  9. yes the mid section reminds me of my 50 odd years here in this world. Sometimes I would like to be in my 20 year old body for a day and feel no pain, see no bulges and jump from log to boulder again...but not the mindset of who I was then. It was a difficult time in my life as a young widowed mother. I'm also practicing gratitude and all of who I was and what I went through gave me that sense of thankfulness.

  10. First of all - thank you for leaving a comment on my blog; I just had to come and find you to return the compliment. So I've rounded up your Google followers to 60 and had a read of your posts - I think I shall stay!
    As for age - I struggled with the thought of turning 40 because 39 sounded so much younger. But then my husband died suddenly, leaving me with 3 sons to bring up so age didn't matter; there was a job to do. A year later, I moved to Cornwall - a long held dream - and began a new life. Age still didn't matter. But last February I turned 70 . . . SEVENTY!!!! Awful. Dreadful. Terrifying. I turned down any suggestion of celebrations, parties, treats - just wanted to ignore it completely. But there you go - life goes on (hopefully!) and you can do nothing about it. I creak more, get tired and fancy a nap some days, can't walk as far, etc. BUT there's a certain freedom in doing things at my own pace, being asked less for taxi duties, looking after children, etc. Being helped with the garden or having odd jobs done for me. I still go camping with my tent and my elderly dog; we walk on the Moor together, visit a beach, go out for walks and lunch with friends and their dogs . . . it ain't a bad life - and still age means nothing. Just carry on as you wish for as long as you are able. Wear lipstick and bright colours; paddle in the sea; fly a kite & ignore any disapproving looks. Enjoy life!

  11. Lovely to find your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I'm a lot like you. I forget my age and wonder who that woman in the mirror is. I would like to grow old gracefully but I doubt that will happen. It doesn't help that I'm usually to lazy to put in much effort with my appearance. X

  12. I don't feel I've changed even at 60...the eyes looking out still see the same, and my inner self is still a young person. I find it helps not looking in the mirror too closely, particularly in bright light. As for aches and pains a good glug of wine at the end of the day always helps. Never worry about other peoples perceptions..just be you and enjoy :) Barbara

  13. A friend told me when we had a similar conversation "as you get older your body looks like its been lived in and had a good time, your mind remembers those times but not how hard it was to overcome some of them"

  14. I have pretty much been at peace with growing older. It means more time to read, crochet, cross stitch. It also means grandbabies. I adore all four of mine and I will soon have another little to love. My daughter, Abby, is expecting in April! I can't wait. However, I have started having to use a cane when I leave the house to run errands, go to the doctor, etc. Now that will make you feel OLD! That I don't like. :)
    PS: i love the animation on your blog. ADORABLE!

  15. I don't feel my age unless I'm getting out of bed in the mornings and have to walk like a penguin to the bathroom and then there's when I'm playing on the floor with my grandchildren and I have to "work out" how to stand up!!
    However I do feel like a twenty or so somebody when I'm singing the latest hits to anyone in the house prepared to listen. I can't remember my parents doing that!

  16. Your other commentators have expressed my thoughts too. I'd just add that you are perfect the way you are and don't change. Just be grateful for being able to do stuff, even it if does seem a little slower! If I could have one wish it would be to keep my mind but with my 30-year old body!


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