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Bats in my Belfry....

In anticipation of our family Samhain get together, Eldest and I went
....we errr, 
we went a little 
First there was just one fluttering on the wall,
then a few,
suddenly they were swarming across the wall. 
They swirled and twirled around the lights and the plants. 
They flapped across the wall to the window... 
Where they were juggled by huge scary hands!

Our feast was ready, the soup was piping hot,
the table set -
it was all systems go!

Then later, when it was dark, the lights were on and 
Youngest's pumpkins twinkling outside the window,
we were visited by lots and lots of little scary folk.

The politest and sweetest and cutest little scary folk,
carefully watched by parents 
as they said..

I love it :)

How was your Samhain/Halloween' All Hallow's Eve?
I hope as good fun as ours xxx


  1. Our Samhain was very quiet. We had a power cut and no callers!

  2. We live outside the town so didn't have anyone calling. It was very quiet!

  3. Quite here too! A group on a nearby back street were having a great party! In the darkness I could see (and hear!) children with sparklers, shrieking with joy. Then there were lots of fireworks. At about 9.30 no children could be heard but just the adults' loud voices!

  4. We had a big pot of sweets ready but nobody came her, quite disappointing really. Your bats look great!

  5. Love the bats, but not those creeepy hands(giggle). I was going to buy some sweets and forgot, as it is not quite as popular here in Oz, and the last couple of years haven't had any callers, but lo and behold this year had two lots. I explained I forgot and the girls who came, actually thanked me for answering the door and I thought that was so sweet. Take care.

  6. We loved the bats and as for the soup............it was delicious, as was the whole meal. Thank you for inviting us to share it with you. xx

  7. wonderful bats! we had some very cute little visitors who said "happy halloween" x

  8. Omg omg omg! Ridiculous squeaky little squeals at your batty bats!! I'm gonna have to remember that for this Samhain!


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