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☽Frosty Moon☾

It was interesting reading your comments and emails from my last post.  

Seems that I am not alone being irked at the inconvenience of getting older. 
However, more importantly I was touched by the encouragement to embrace the now, 
remember fondly, but leave the past behind and sod the shallowness of appearance driven society! 
You are all an amazing bunch of blogging folk.
Right, deep breath, think good thoughts and move on :)
Thank you xx

Can you see it?
Peaking through the trees?
 A huge moon rising above the horizon. 
November's moon is known as the 'Frosty Moon'
Perfectly named.
A bitterly cold light breeze cut right through us making my cheeks feel sharply brittle. 
Yet, turning to face the last of the benign evening sun,
proved delightfully warm.
In the distance, the flooded fields from our recent torrential rain. 

 The pathway was a mind-concentrating mix of muddy patches and frozen puddles.
Eldest on the ridge, taking sunset pictures.
Quietly absorbing the beauty. 

The final rich slashes of orange and red as we return to the car.
A quiet walk,
a good time for inward contemplation
and gentle mindfulness.

Before I go - hello to my new followers - welcome to my world, I shall certainly be popping by to say hi :)



  1. Fabulous pics you captured of the frosty moon (it certainly does look all 'jack frost glitterish' in your close up pic) loving the sunset ones, spectacular!

  2. Love your frosty moon. Missed it here, high hedge obscures it till later. Looked like a lovely mind clearing walk. Gorgeous pictures again. xx

  3. Oh, what stunning photos. Where we live we don't see the sunrises or sunsets. Just in the wrong position in this house. We sometimes see a great moon when on the road coming home. Must see if I can get a good photo one day with my large lens. Thanks and take care.

  4. Never realised November moon was called that...what a lovely name. Your photos took my breath away, they are stunning. Our sunsets in Jersey have been good recently but nothing as amazing as yours. Don't you just love this time of year.:) Barbara

  5. Great pictures. We had a fantastic moon early this morning. I was able to get a really good look at it on the way into work.

  6. Beautiful pictures, these huge moons we've been having are amazing.

  7. Whilst I dislike the darker afternoons etc, we are still blessed with lovely sunsets etc. Thanks for sharing your pictures and love the sunset ones.


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