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Waking up with the mist #30DaysWild & #MicroadventureChallenge

We woke up, the air was cold and our breath condensed around our heads.
Himself stepped out of the tent and called for me to bring my camera.
I pulled my sleeping bag around me and shuffled forward
until I could see a pale sky with a soft mist drifting through the valley.
He persuaded to wrap up warmly and go and explore.
The grass twinkled with tiny dew drops as the sun softly emerged through the pastel shades.
The valley seemed very sleepy - not surprising though - it was about 5am.
We walked up to the cairn and looked back at out little camp,
the boys were still fast asleep.

We returned, ready for a mug of coffee,
and while we waited for the kettle to boil,
we watched the mist creep up the hill side.
The pale sun, which was just beginning to warm the air,
was hidden and as the mist swirled around us
the temperature dropped,
making our coffee
all the more delicious.

 Himself sat quietly and watched as the mist cleared
once again revealing the valley.

Think it is time to wake the boys,
they are missing out on a beautiful part of the day.


  1. Now 'fess up - just how delighted were two teenage boys to be woken before 6.00am??

  2. What a beautiful sight to wake up to!!!

  3. I'm enjoying your adventure and early morning in summer is lovely. Pity the mist obscured the sunrise. Take care.

  4. Looked like it turned into a nice morning
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. I had the same thoughts as Jayne - bet the boys would have rather slept in!! Looks so quiet and still. Just you, your tents and your kettle ❤❤ xx

  6. Definitely worth getting up early for - stunning photos!!

  7. Peace and tranquility....perfect

  8. Thanks for doing this and blogging about it; I can use my imagination so I do not have to physically go and sleep in a tent! It would be too cold for me as where could I plug my electric blanket into??? Now our heatwave has passed, my blanket is back on!


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