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May 2016 Scavenger Photo-hunt

May 2016 Scavenger Photo-hunt
A photo inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - enjoy xx

A favourite springtime walk of ours, 
(posted here, here and here) provided the path that I needed. 
We followed it, walking through bluebells, wood anenomes, cowslips and primroses. 
The air was so sweetly scented, we always come away feeling so positive and buoyed up!


Our house has a sizeable population of plants,
mine tend to be tropical or subtropical and LARGE,
Eldest adores his carnivorous plants and succulents
and Youngest loves cacti and this particular cactus belongs to him.
A prickly creature with a crown of bright pink blooms that, when the afternoon sun shines,
looks to have a beautiful but bristly exterior :)

When the boys have had a day that has worn them down, 
stressed them out or they are tired or emotional -
 when asked what they would like to eat always, 
ask for macaroni cheese.

A tiny hover fly. 
On the whole I am not keen on flies, however -
these small black and gold
busy little flies
feast on pollen and generally fill the garden with a happy buzzing.

A few years ago, whilst out walking, we came across a little sign on a farm house wall.
Curious we went over and found a transcript of a poem - the full version is here,
written in 1818 by Betty Chester when she was just 18. 
It is a lovely heart-felt piece of writing and is really worth reading.

My wonderful, dear, precious Himself.
He'd just replaced the back half of an exhaust pipe 
and I found him extracting himself from beneath the car 
feeling quite pleased with his efforts.

When Eldest was younger he, as part of his DofE, 
would set off on a Friday laden with tent, huge havasac and his group of friends. 
We would wave them off as they set off chatting and full of bravado. 
 We would then scoop him up on the Sunday afternoon at the end of his weekend of walking and orienteering. 
He would be tired, sweaty, smelly, dirty and ready to go home. 
After one such walk we had to collect him from the small town of Grassington 
and by happy co-incidence it was staging a roaring 40s event.
It was one glorious celebration of all vintage!

Pan in chequer board sunshine.

View from a Window
Loch Doon Castle in Galloway Forest, the view through the window is of the loch.

My own choice
A special holiday memory, 
walking on the beach below Bamburgh, 
the fading light throws the most amazing colours on the clouds 
giving heart stopping reflections.

I hope you have enjoyed my selection, 
 don't forget that the top of this page 
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Keep an eye out over the next few days to see how everyone's scavenger photo hunt develop :)
Now, am off to check out what you lovely lot have been up to!!


  1. I like them all but 'hands' and 'view from a window'are my favourites. Will there be another hunt in June?

    My scavenger hunt photos are here: http://in-my-playroom.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/may-scavenger-hunt.html

    1. Thank you :) Yes there will be another list for June which I will reveal at my next post and round up of photos :)

  2. Your selection is fab, but I just love the view through the window of the loch and the reflections. My biggest trouble this month was our dreary weather and am lucky enough to have oodles of photos on the computer, but then you start reminiscing about all sorts. Thanks again and take care. I'm off to look at the rest.

  3. I love your view through a window!
    You can find my scavenger Hunt for May photos here...


  4. Oh the view through your window; what a clever idea; I must think harder out of the box! The lovely poem summed up a lot of the Dales and not just Malhamdale. Second best picture was the shadows one; so sharp and clear! Ooh, and there will be a June one too. Great.

  5. A lovely collection and to end with the beach at Bamburgh - beautiful!

  6. I love your interpretation of the themes especially the windows. Just today we were watching hoverflies on the dunes at Cocklawburn beach with Bamburgh in the distance.xx

  7. I love your collection again, particularly your view through the window I was hoping to find a similar one but it didn't happen this month ;), so I found something else. I love that you choose words that are open to such great interpretation thank you so much for hosting and I will be back in June!

  8. Congratulations to you and everyone who has completed the Challenge this month. Despite my best intentions, too much life is getting in the way of my camera . . .

    Love all your photos, particularly 'hands', it's a gorgeous shot which encompasses skill, care and love.

  9. A super collection of photos . "hands" and the beach at Bamburgh are my favourites.

  10. Lovely photos...I like your shadows on your header as well...I've just posted my efforts for May. x

  11. A beautiful selection of photographs. I especially love the View from a window. X

  12. Sorry a bit late...........
    Love your photos, especially the arches

    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. sorry I didn't get my photos posted this month. x your's are wonderful x

  14. The hands photo is beautiful! What love is represented in that photo! Beautiful. I love the view through the stone window- that is gorgeous!
    Oh BAMBURGH! I love it there- so idyllic!#]Sorry I am so late with mine!


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