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Hawthorn's not quite complete photo hunt!

Still in between internet providers so a quick pop in to add my images and stories - hopefully this silliness won't last much longer.

I have not found ALL the photos I was looking for - but hey ho!

Alongside a jumble of narrow boats at Bank Newton Locks

Pretty begonias in half cooper barrels on Settle Station Platform

E for ....
Elephant Scarecrow tucked away in Kettlewell

A 'See Britain by Train' poster in Settle Station waiting room

My own Choice

Words for the end of July
Starts with an E
My Own Choice


  1. Yes, you made it! I've some paddles somewhere in our shed but I've been too busy to go and find them! I love old style Railway posters. The blue badge is also interesting. He must have been fit to walk that distance so quickly and in his day the paths were not as well defined as they are now. Best photo? The one that made me smile the most? The Elephant!

  2. Nice choices, love the elephant scarecrow.

  3. I love the begonias, they are so pretty, and how can anyone NOT smile at the elephant :)

  4. Love all your photos, the rail poster being my favourite and the elephant making me giggle. Thanks for this, the link-up & next month's words. Wonder what mine will be like.......Busy day so must away.
    Take care & huggles.

  5. Love that elephant. It does not look out of place at all. 😃 And those pink begonias are so cheery. X

  6. Better late than never!! Love all the pictures but the elephant is best. xx

  7. Oooh, the elephant is definitely my favourite!


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