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There are some people that slip into your life,
their words resonate,
a photo they share or comment they say,
 makes you sit up and think -
Yes, I agree.
There are people that, without even really knowing them,
you find you have a connection,
a link. 
On Wednesday Thursday last week (I got my dates mixed ever so slightly...oops)
I met up with someone who I'd met/knew through blogging
and her precious dog's amazing ears
We'd planned this for nearly two years, 
life, as ever conspired against our little jolly out
but this time - we agreed -
  if we don't do it now, 
we may never.
I have found that due to 'this and that' , I have lost my some of my bullet proof ,
so to step out of my safe zone and meet some one that, although
we have spoken, emailed, commented on each others lives
for a while -
was a little unsettling. 
Until I was given such a bear hug by a beautiful lady
that it all felt right.
And it was. 
We walked,
we talked (boy did we talk)
we splooshed through a steam with a giddy dog,
who after the initial gentle introduction
just accepted a new person to her small pack. 
Gifts and nibbles are a wonderful way to a woofles little heart,
and this particular woofle loved her day out.
She was not the only one.
One hour of walking and talking turned in to nearly seven.
Now, that can't be bad. 
 Then, once home, once fed,
this happy little dog,
fell asleep after an amazing day,
She slept well that night.

And us?
Well, we agreed that we would do it again.

And we will xxxxx


  1. So glad you finally met & enjoyed each others company. I'm always scared of meeting new people, but mostly it's been fine for me too. Saw my good friend Joy, who I met through blogging last week & she did a post of our day too. Enjoy the warm weather, take care & huggles.

  2. It's great that the two of you finally got to meet up and spend some time in each other's company. It looks like you had a really nice walk, the area round the stream looks lovely :)

  3. No words, just another huge hug, virtual this time which will have to suffice until the next real one.


  4. What a lovely story. I think Miss Moss should have her own blog....

  5. Oh bless the little dog and her ears. How wonderful to have finally met up with a blogging friend, and to find they are just that...a friend.

  6. Hi, I'm regular over at Bag End and figured I'd stop by. It is truly fun to meet up with people that you've "known" for years through other means. I do it as often as possible.

  7. Glad you got to meet your friend! Indeed a lovely place to walk and talk. When I saw that first photo here I was amazed with the beauty of the place!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. It's like a modern version of getting to meet a pen pal. You know them so well through the written word then suddenly you meet in person and are not disappointed. Glad Moss has a new friend too. xx

  9. How lovely for you both. Hopefully you'll do it again very soon and not with a 2 year wait.


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