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A lunchtime spot of colour

On and off all week we have had torrential rain with brief flashes of brilliant bright sunlight - Friday was no different.

As I left the village with my windscreen wipers zipping back and forth I peered through the wet window. A few short minutes later as I turned into the neighbouring village incredibly the sun appeared with such force and exuberance making the autumnal trees just GlOw with sunlight - I just HAD to stop and grab my camera.

Just LOOK as those GloRIous colours!!

Each leaf dripping wet just RADIATED colour!

That blue sky behind this tree was as brief as a blink as by my third photograph I took
the clouds flew back in and dumped another lake's worth of water, invading my lunch hour.

The Rowan berries were incandescent against the neon yellow of the autumnal leaves.

It was just magical!!


  1. I'm so glad you stopped to take those gorgeous pics Hawthorn, thank you for sharing them: brilliant colour!
    Joy x

  2. Lovely colours - hope the forecast winds do not denude the trees early. We need to be able to enjoy the autumnal colours for another week at least.

  3. A perfect example of why one needs to have one's camera with one all the time! I know what you mean about the colours. Lovely.

  4. Beautiful colours. The trees really glisten when the sun shines!


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