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First day of spring ...

S'funny really.
This weather lark.

A few days ago it seemed that spring was quietly tip-tip-toeing in. Subtle hints of buds and birds evermore present. Seemingly dormant twigs tentatively presenting shoots and tiny leaves. There was an optimistic effervescence in the air.

This happened. 
A swirling mass of bitterly cold winds carrying snow and ice 
coating everything in a thick layer of white. 
Reminding us that winter has not yet left and she is definitely having the last hurrah.
Decided I will quietly hibernate rather than paint. 
Drink tea, listen to the wind singing around the house and down the chimney. 
Plan some sketches on new slates, book more art fayres and dream of spring.
And you?
How are you dealing with this natural but stark reminder 
that the weather is not to be underestimated?
If you are sharing these icy conditions - take care,
stay safe, keep warm.


Edited to add: went back to the painting - except I stayed indoors rather than go to the studio - the paints were calling rather loudly!


  1. I've the perfect solution to this weather; sit down in my arm chair, wrap an Attic24 blanket around my legs, pick up my latest quilt and start to hand sew the binding down; stop now and then for a brew and gaze out of the window. Gazing was wonderful as I was able to identify the new bird on the block, a common snipe. I even took a few blurry photos; so if this is what happens when it snows, bring it on!

  2. Down the shed and painting. Too windy over 30 mph and below freezing so I cannot do the Prom.

  3. Finished the VAT...finally! Woodburner lit...but have feet firmly on a hot water bottle too...It is mighty chilly...winds whipping up the powdery snow...it started settling at 3 o'clock and looks set to continue for some time yet. x

  4. I'm hibernating. No chance of getting out until the wind drops. Good job I've a new project to work on. Worst thing is not much excercise so I'm going to put weight on.

  5. I thought you would be hit much harder than us, Moss looks quite serene in the garden though :_

    How did your Trawden Artists on Tour go?

  6. Wow!!! That is something & even when we lived up in Batlow (foothills of The Snowy Mountains), where we got about 3 good snowfalls each winter, I don't remember it like that. Take care & stay warm & safe. xxx

  7. We have the white stuff too but not as bad as some have it. The coal fire is most welcome with its flames flickering.
    Stay warm and cosy

  8. catching up on those jobs always put to one side....

  9. Staying in and watching it out of the window. BB braves the elements each morning and goes out to give birds water and food. Getting on with my knitting and keeping warm with heaters as the boiler not working properly. Waiting for plumber.

  10. We too have snow, time to stay in, drink tea, and enjoy knitting in front of the wood burning stove. You have some lovely snowy scenes here.

  11. Lovely to catch up with your blog again. Your snowy photos are very atmospheric. My school has been closed for two days so I have crocheted, baked and enjoyed walking out in the snow taking photos. Hoping the spring flowers can survive underneath all that cold stuff!
    Cathy x

  12. Lovely pics. Love seeing Moss almost camaflaged in the garden. I presume the snow has gone now. All washed away in Cltheroe. X


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